Seychelles vacation, a Creole experience

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Small group cultural tours

These tours are unique in that they bring you into contact with some of the world’s most fascinating cultures in iconic locations, where those people actually deliver the experience or are central to your trip. You will see a destination through the eyes of the local people and you will stay with them for part of the trip in traditional and comfortable accommodation to get to know them and to learn about their ways and beliefs. Itineraries are pre-planned and they may vary slightly according to various things, but they will always give you the best experience possible. The mix of genuine contact with a culture, exciting and traditional activities, iconic locations and traditional and contemporary accommodation will leave you refreshed, inspired and informed –with some beautiful memories and maybe some new contacts too!

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Seychelles vacation, a Creole experience


Under its CSR policy our local partner operates these programmes with great sensitivity to the Seychelles environment in terms of vehicle usage and accommodation selection. The Hotels we use are selected by their policies and they operate local food sourcing, local employment and good recycling and waste management. Our travelers will receive a Responsible Traveler Charter or Code of Conduct within their trip pack.


Our local partner is a long established company that is totally locally owned. It has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy as follows:

Tourism plays a central role in the Seychelles economy, each year providing thousands of jobs and earning the majority of the country’s foreign currency income. As one of the leading businesses in Seychelles’ tourism industry we take seriously our responsibility to ensure that your vacation benefits the country and its people.
- 100% locally owned, we are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to providing quality career opportunities to all its employees, to ensure that your money stays in the local economy and supports local families.
- We are an involved corporate citizen, actively participating in a wide range of community activities – such as improving education and environmental protection – and have supported the following organisations: the Seychelles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), the School for Exceptional Children, the Marine Parks Authority.
- Whenever possible products supplied to you are locally obtained, supporting artisans, farmers, fishermen and other local producers and helping to ensure that traditional livelihoods are maintained and the skills learnt over generations live on.
- Central to our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is the understanding that the success of the company is wholly dependent upon a successful Seychelles and the prosperity of the warm and welcoming people of Seychelles. By supporting the environment and people of Seychelles, through corporate sponsorships, charitable donations, employment creation and environmental best practices, we guarantee the success of our business and ensure that the unique qualities of Seychelles will still be available for the enjoyment of the tourists of tomorrow. The staff and guides are Seychellois and the benefits are accrued locally. In addition, this experience encourages visitors to look at the local people and their lives and to engage closely with them. This is done by visitors going to the local market and buying produce which they then use to cook a local dish, You will visit fishermen and go fishing with them, enjoying an evening Creole meal with the catch and with a local family. You can visit a local farmer and see their lifestyle. All of this gives an opportunity for the local people to benefit from tourism in a way that has not existed in the Seychelles before, where the all-inclusive, campus-style resort has been the norm. We also offer trips to the Creole Festival in October to further engage with the local people and the celebration of their heritage.

These experiences are designed to offer greater cross cultural understanding between the local Creole culture and the visitor, by promoting genuine contact within an enjoyable vacation experience. We are working with our local partner to deliver a unique set of enjoyable and inspiring cultural insights for the visitor. We hope you will come home refreshed, inspired and with memories and a greater understanding of another culture that may even have an influence on your way of living back home. This experience is an insight into the life of the Seychellois Creole, while still enjoying the beauty of the land and seascape. The Seychellois have only recently begun to focus on their Creole heritage and they now run a Creole Festival each Autumn. This is a unique experience developed with the Seychellois people to gain that insight.

We have not identified a local charity to support yet so we will donate a proportion of the income we receive to an International charity of choice, which at this time is Wateraid.

1 Reviews of Seychelles vacation, a Creole experience

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 06 Mar 2013 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Seeing an eagle ray whilst snorkelling. Seeing wildlife close up on Cousin Island.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Choose an hotel with a good beach, there are plenty of them and make sure you go to La Digue island.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

I hope so, we used local shops, and hired bycycles and used the local buses.
The visit to Cousin hopefuly gave money to support the conservation here.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

Excellent, sunshine nice people, beautiful and quiet beaches everywhere.

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