Yucatan heritage tour in Mexico

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10 Days
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US $1995 excluding flights
For single supplement, we charge 395 extra
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2022: 6 Mar, 1 May, 7 Aug, 9 Oct, 4 Dec

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Out on a limb in southeast Mexico, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the Yucatán Peninsula draws in huge numbers of tourists ea...
Mexico is a land of delicious dichotomies. Just look at its Margarita. Sweet and sour. And yet it works. Landscape wise, it is diverse to say the leas...

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Even though the name ‘heritage’ suggests that the tour is more about archaeology and history, the Yucatan Heritage Tour has more sides. Mexico has many places that are on the UNESCO Heritage list, both ruins as biosphere reserves. That’s why this tour is a combination of both.
The second day you will discover the coral reef and the third day will be a visit to the biosphere reserve Sian Ka’an. We are actively working to ensure the preservation of our destination and culture for future generations. This equates to more attractive environments and better products. We are currently working with different NGO´s such as Amigos de Sian Ka’an, The Coral Reef Alliance and many more in unique training programs on eco-tourism, development of best practices, code of ethics and many important actions to achieve or get closer to a sustainable tourism practice.
Our guides are educated, in order to minimize negative impacts. They will explain everything in advance (not touching animals, etc) and will answer all your questions.


Socio-cultural impacts are those that affect the local communities’ social structures and culture. One of the benefits of tourism is the promotion of tolerance and acceptance of different cultures through education and direct experience. This can support a diverse “global community” and not a world of monoculture. As a tourism provider, it is important to help local and indigenous people maintain their cultural integrity in the face of vast economic promises. In the long run, this benefits both the business and the community.
For this tour, we have several activities and hotels that share the same attitude. Here are some examples:
• Contact with the community of Sian Ka’an, getting a win-win situation, since we help them with preserving and research projects, while we can visit the reserve
• Hotel El Rey del Caribe > ecological and aims to help the local community as much as possible, by offering Mexican dishes for example
• Hotel Itzamaltún > eco-hotel, but also spreading cultural awareness to travelers by providing activities as Temazcal, which is a Maya ceremony to cleanse the body and soul. They involve Maya communities into these activities and make a fair deal.
In general, the company mostly hires Mexican people (96%) and is trying to contribute as much as possible to the local economy, by buying local food, drinks, merchandise, etcetera.

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