Swim with whales & dolphins vacation, Reunion

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CHF 4650ToCHF 4950 excluding flights
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2022: 21 Aug

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Swimming with whales & wild dolphins
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Whale watching
There is something mysterious and almost mystical about whales. Thanks to their epic migrations, their phenomenally deep dives, their great age and th...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


It is our goal to show you the beauty of the world of whales and why it is worth protecting this unique ecosystem with all its inhabitants.

Therefore we also focus on minimizing our impact on the environment. From a company point of view we run our whole business online, so we do not have to occupy office space or send physical documents throughout the world.

With all our partners we emphasize below mentioned points to make sure we have a similar mindset and understanding of responsible tourism.

Finally, through your participation you also support the Whaleman Foundation, which engages for the oceans and especially whales on a political level.

On our tours in La Réunion the safety of animals and our guests is our highest priority. Therefore we follow a passive approach when swimming with whales. Before entering the water we observe the whales and dolphins to make sure they behave calmly and are not disturbed by our presence. Once we have slipped into the ocean, we stop at a safe distance to observe the whales below the surface. Any further interaction is down to the animals. If they choose to swim closer to us we will enjoy this breathtaking encounter. If they decide to swim off, we will not hurry after them. Every encounter happens at the pleasure of the whales and dolphins.

Plastic pollution and the use of single-use plastics are major problems for our oceans. Therefore we try to minimize the use of these materials wherever we can. On our tours we provide reusable cups and water from big refillable tanks to avoid causing more plastic waste.

Water is a very precious resource and should be used responsibly everywhere on the planet. We therefore brief you on the local situation in regard to water supply in La Réunion at the beginning of our time together. We suggest to avoid taking baths, but to take short showers instead.
Also, we inform about brands of environmental friendly shower gels, shampoos and sun screens, that do not have a negative impact on the environment, for example through avoiding brands using microplastics in their products.


During our week in La Réunion we interact with a whole range of partners. All our partners are local companies, since it is important for us to support local businesses and local people.

Our acccommodation is a well-established hotel, that has been around for many years and employes many people from the area. Also our partner on the ocean has a big foundation on the island and is well-known for the passive approach when it comes to swimming with whales and dolphins. On top of that we also follow our own guidelines in the water and encourage our partner to establish these in his tours year-round.

Also during the week we aim at bringing you closer to the local creole culture. We visit creole villages, markets and restaurants to show you the variety of local cuisine the island of La Réunion offers. We also strongly recommend to buy souvenirs and other products from local creole stores to support the local community.

Upon our arrival to La Réunion we visit a primary school in a creole village called Cilaos. We came across this school on our first visit to the island. The children really enjoyed seeing us and wanted to know where we came from and what we did here. We received a small tour around the school and decided to support the local students by donating a share of our revenue of every tour to the school. The donations are used to buy supplies like books, pens and toys for the kids to play with during breaks.

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