Mongolia cultural vacation, 3 sports festival

US $4010US $3810 excluding flights
13 Days
Small group
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Description of Mongolia cultural vacation, 3 sports festival


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US $4010US $3810 excluding flights
Prices based on 2 adults sharing.
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The Collins English dictionary describes a festival as ‘an organised series of events such as musical concerts and drama productions’. Hmm, that all s...
One of life’s great freedoms is adventure, a privilege most of us take for granted and that isn’t always compatible with our organised, routine lives....

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This trip takes in much of Mongolia and covers large distances by coach, utilising a smaller vehicle to minimise fuel usage and emit less carbon than a larger vehicle or a convoy of 4x4s would.

The vast Mongolian landscape is one of the highlights of visiting the country and our tour leaders are keen to impress the importance of keeping it as pristine as possible. The use of refillable water bottles is actively encouraged and a large tank of fresh drinking water is available for refills so there is no need for travelers to buy single-use water bottles. Meeting local people in remote areas that live off the land, and have a deep connection to it, helps to press home the importance of respecting and looking after the environment.

Most of the night stays are in traditional ger camps. Without the infrastructure of a fixed hotel, this is a very low impact way to stay, and the meals are included. Menu choice is very limited as the food is sourced locally, but this does mean that the food has a very low carbon footprint.

As a travel company we are continually looking for ways to improve and are proud to be ‘Responsible in everything we do’. Education is key, and so all staff, Tour Leaders and partnering suppliers are trained in responsible and sustainable tourism. At our Head Office, we continually strive towards a sustainable and planet-friendly working environment, including having solar panels installed and a company commitment to reducing our plastic usage.


Here, the income we bring really helps local development particularly as we use locally owned services throughout the tour. One of the highlights of this tour is having the chance to get to meet lots of the local people we encounter along the way. We stay in traditional Gers or in the home of a local family, try traditional dishes prepared by the local community and in the Naadam version of the trip we attend a festival that celebrates ancient traditions. We want to learn about the culture and daily lives in these countries, and interact with locals in a manner, which is both insightful yet respectful.

Most meals are provided on this trip, so our trip leaders facilitate eating out in a variety of locally owned restaurants, as well as dining with local families. This helps distribute the economic benefit of our visit beyond the hotels we stay in & chain restaurants, as well as having the opportunity to try local specialities.

Each group has a local tour leader that helps to bridge the culture gap and bring the tour to life. It also provides much needed employment and helps to develop tourism and language skills that can be utilised elsewhere.

As a company we have valuable and longstanding partnerships with UK charities Toilet Twinning and Send a Cow, plus many smaller initiatives and projects around the world. We’re members of the UK travel industry body AITO because we believe it’s important to share our knowledge and experience, as well as learn from other operators.

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