Northern Tibet adventure tour, Qiangtang to Kailash

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

The ecological environment of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is relatively fragile. Once damaged, it will not be easy to recover in a long period of time. There are many kinds of plants and animals growing here. They are sensitive and afraid of being scared. Therefore, we always emphasize the importance of environmental protection, animal and plant protection and the maintenance of local ecological balance. Tourists should not cut down wild plants at will. When they need to open roads in the wild, they should pay attention to protecting the trunk of trees and vines. When finding wild animals, tourists need to keep a certain distance to watch them. Don't frighten, chase or yell at them. Don't hurt wild animals when they do not endanger the lives of tourists.

We require the accompanying tour guides and drivers to publicize and urge tourists to abide by the basic civilized code of conduct, especially in garbage disposal, water source protection, animal and plant protection, hiking and trekking, vehicle driving, camping, field fire prevention and other matters. We asked the group to bring their own bowls and chopsticks, spoons, forks, cutlery, electric kettles for boiling water, as well as paper rolls and suction paper.

We require the accompanying guides and drivers to collect any garbage generated by the whole group along the road, especially in the sparsely populated field, to insist on taking the waste back to the designated recycling point where the garbage can be treated. We suggest that tourists should reduce the use of disposable plastic products and bring garbage collection bags by themselves. We will also distribute paper bags or cloth bags to guests so that they can collect all kinds of waste, and then we will collect and treat them in a unified way.

We will print concise and clear responsible travel brochures, which will be distributed to each group of tourists, so as to help them take on the social responsibility of great significance to nature, social environment and themselves in the whole journey, and in this way to make each unforgettable trip of our guests a valuable, contributing and enlightening spiritual experience for the local people.

The Impacts of this Trip

Buddhism prevails in Tibet and the people are devout. We advocate that tourists should respect the culture of the destination, do not impose their own cultural values on others, respect local customs and habits, and try not to bring their own living habits to the places they visit. In order to promote the tourists to know more about the local folk culture, we will arrange the tourists to visit the local family or stay in the domestic house during the trip. We also attach great importance to learning and visiting the traditional handicraft production or visiting the local intangible cultural heritage projects.

The local Tibetan English-speaking tour guides and Tibetan drivers we arranged for this tour line love their hometown very much. They have been accompanying tourists from all over the world on the Qinghai Tibet plateau for a long time. With their professional knowledge and skills, they help tourists complete their dream journey. Our tour guides and drivers, passed vocational training before, have cultivated green, healthy, sustainable and responsible travel concepts in their long-term work and life, and put these concepts into practice in the journey, so as to promote the local awareness publicity and civilization development through numerous group visits.

During the journey, we try our best to arrange local accommodation with cultural connotation for tourists. These accommodations employ a large number of local people to work and purchase a large number of local food, drinks and various accommodation supplies. It has promoted and improved the local employment environment, improved the living standard of local people, and benefited the local community a lot. We will also help tourists to buy the necessities they need in the local shops if possible.

We employ local porters, chefs, yaks, horses and other transportation tools for the group, and try to purchase camping tents and other equipment locally. And if conditions permit, we will also arrange the tourists to participate in some volunteer projects or charity activities in the local area to promote the development of local civilization.


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