Annapurna circuit trek vacation

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

The good thing is we accept an electronic voucher for your trip. No need to bring it in a hard copy or printed version. Our company has invested in eco-friendly technology to reduce and minimize damaging environment. Built website where you can find the proper information, send and make your every query via email, or our client management system (CMS). It's easy to pay your trip cost online without any hassle. Our team engages for a good cause such as plantation, environment awareness programs, and attend the workshop.

Before our trip, one of our company representatives will explain our travelers about environmental awareness information and the company regarding responsible travel policies. We are working to save our planet so we hope the same from you. How?

While doing a trip, we are going to walk through the villages, forests, national parks, fields, and green pastures in the Himalayas. We will not destroy it. While traveling we will encourage our travelers not to use non-disposable items. What they are using, can be recycled and use back as the need required. Reduce carbon footprint and avoid using plastics. Conserve water resources and prevent them from being polluted. Using portable and renewable energy to do charge for your travel electronic gadgets like camera batteries, torch using a solar battery charger.

During your trip, we will stay overnight at a local mountain teahouse. Eat and drink the local foods which are good for health. Most of them are organic and healthy. Reduce using harmful chemicals. It's good to buy recycled products. And the last one is to stop littering. In case you bring some energy starter like chocolates or instant coffee, don't throw it. You can let your trip leader. Trip leaders will find out for the disposal.

The Impacts of this Trip

At the first inception, we are driven by communities' values like helping the people of communities by providing assistance, awareness, and help children to read. We start our passion and work for the community but somehow to run it, we need the funds which need to be generated for the long term. So, as we follow our passion and the field of interest. We love to travel and explore different communities. Listen to their voice and share the story with our worldwide community. Simply we like to live in a real community where there is a place to listen and hear. Everyone deserves love and care. We are trying to carry out such things to our global friends. People want to know and learn by experimenting in a real way. Spend time with the local communities, learn their culture, and so on.

As a local tour operator, we intend to promote our nation and the local communities, their values, and traditions. We will pass the proper information about the real meaning of cultural values. Do respect for all the religions and cultural trends.

We share the stories and promote the local destinations throughout our official websites, social media, and other online blogs and media. Promoting our local attractions and the communities will get known by our global friends. Travelers will visit the local places from where it helps them to be sustained. Travelers will visit the place, buy the local products, share their knowledge, and so on.

We are helping the children of Nepal who need a good education. Our certain fund will donate for a good cause. Provide and support educational assistance- child sponsorship program.


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