Explore Nepal in two weeks vacation

US $1550ToUS $1850 excluding flights
12 Days
Tailor made
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Included: Airport transfer, Hotel and Teahouse accommodation, Tourist bus, Guide & porter, Permits, Chitwan jungle safari, Meals, Kathmandu valley tour, farewell dinner
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Description of Explore Nepal in two weeks vacation

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US $1550ToUS $1850 excluding flights
Included: Airport transfer, Hotel and Teahouse accommodation, Tourist bus, Guide & porter, Permits, Chitwan jungle safari, Meals, Kathmandu valley tour, farewell dinner
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Asia is massive: a whopping great sprawl of a continent with some 4.4 billion people living across it Ė thatís more than the population of every other...

Vacation information

Our partners behind this vacation promote inclusivity on all their trips and across their business and we are all committed to ensuring travelers face no discrimination on any part of the trip they control.
Dietary requirements:
We can cater for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


The company is focused on responsible travel. While you are looking to do a trip with us. There is a lot more to get advantages of it. Firstly, what we have regarding our company administrative part, we use an eco-friendly system/electronic or email response and booked by it. While you will be in Nepal, you can show the electronic voucher. We do accept it. The company invests in online sites and marketing. We always focused on minimized such kinds of activities that harm directly to our environment.

In this trip, you are going to explore the Himalayas and the plain land- Terai. During your trip, we will walk through the national parks and conservation areas of Nepal. While doing the trek, there might be rubbish from your end. We will dispose of it in a proper place. We take care of animals so we donít allow to ride elephants while doing jungle safari instead of it, you are going to do a jeep safari and jungle walk with our nature guide.

During our trip, there might be some wastes, that need to handle with care and proper dump. You will see natural resources such as rivers, lakes, and ponds, in these areas we will not do any such activities that might pollute the natural resources. Avoid using plastic bags. Would like to encourage all of you to use recycle kits.

Good to use solar energy to charge your gadgets. This helps us to preserve the extra energy. In this trekking trail, you are going to explore one of the most beautiful and traditional Gurung villages- Ghandruk which is very famous for the stone roof also. You will see the traditional way of buildings and so on. This trip is totally an exposure visit for you. In a short time, we are going to let you know what is real Nepal. So, during your trip, you will get plenty of time to do interact with the local peoples, learn the social cultures, and get some inspirations from your lifestyles. In your trip, you will see lots of local products, we encourage you to buy some to help the local people to be sustained.

Our company focused to help the local communities and the people. As we are a local team of Nepal. Itís a plus point for you. You are in a safe hand. In trekking you are going to stay at the teahouse and while your jungle safari, you will stay in a hotel/resort which is very near to the jungle. Spend some nights over there. All of our activities support the local people and their businesses. While doing your trip, you might face some difficulties with the culture and trends, donít worry we do have a simple answer for this. Do respect the local cultures and their ethics and the same goes on you too. The company will make aware of it.

The last thing is, stop littering and act to save our beautiful planet. There is a simple saying, nature does not need you but we need nature to exist. Every small thing that we do matter a lot.


Our main motto is to promote our local resources and communities. If communities survive obviously we can survive. It means helping one another is always good indeed for sustainable tourism. Our company seeks for the well being of our local people. You are going to get touch directly with the local communities, it means you are going to learn their lifestyles, cultures, and traditions. While you talk about Nepali communities, you will find various diversity in landscapes and cultures within a short walk also. It will be your collective bunch of exposure while you are doing the Explore Nepal trip.

While you are doing a trek or any kind of activities, during the time, if we see any kinds of activities that are against the social values, nums, and nature. Our team do counseling and make aware of the consequences. In some of the parts, sometimes, we run social campaigns in a local school regarding the environment and community development. If you are looking to do any kind of volunteering or short social activities, during your trip, we can organize it. It might be a medical trip, social campaign, or related to awareness programs.

The certain income of our company goes to social work. Our team supports the children of Nepal who are longing for love and support. Especially we support education. Run child sponsorship programs to the needy children of Nepal. If you like to know more, please let us know. Let's see how we can make our communities better by doing something small. Be a contributor to social change.

In your trip, local people are directly going to be benefited. We are going to stay in a local mountain teahouse, spend overnight, we pay for the service. All of our team are local, whether our guides, porters, or drivers, you are supporting them.

In your trip, you are going to make an exposure of local arts and crafts, you can buy to support them. Local products are always unique and they carry their own cultures and values. Your small support can be a great contribution to the local people.

Not only this, our company promotes local attractions, cultures, and its beauty by disseminating on our existing websites and other social media. Its a kind of promotion to the world. The visitor will get the information via video or articles. Travelers will visit such places and help our local communities in a way of sustainable tourism.

Meanwhile, you are traveling around Nepal, when you talk or traveling to Nepal, you will find full of diversity in nature, culture, and religions. We will like to make a request to respect all social practices and values. Our team also makes you aware of social cultures. Not only this, we focused to make a travel plan to visit local attractions and local products. You will visit such places.

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