Classical Greece small group tour

1740 excluding flights
7 Days
Small group
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A professionally led, designed & operated superior Tour.
Half-Board; Experienced Tour Leader, Additional Licenced Archaeological Guides for UNESCO sites; 4-5 Star, or 'Small-friendly' Boutique Hotels; Lux class Vehicle with WiFi; Price per person.
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1740 excluding flights
A professionally led, designed & operated superior Tour.
Half-Board; Experienced Tour Leader, Additional Licenced Archaeological Guides for UNESCO sites; 4-5 Star, or 'Small-friendly' Boutique Hotels; Lux class Vehicle with WiFi; Price per person.
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Old archaeologists never die. They just wish you bone voyage.
Greece exists between its wonderfully diverse physical reality and a lovingly imagined vision conjured from multiple sources: ancient classics; timele...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We depend on the sustainable natural beauty of all the sites we visit which are an integral part of the experience for visitors. Our policy over the last 10 years in visiting these sites has been to highlight the nature of these special areas & this is something that is built into the normal commentary of our trips. This also reflects our founder's professional background in Biology.

Sites such as Delphi, Olympia and Mycenae are set in remote places in the wilderness and retain a great diversity of animal and plant species which can be seen changing through the seasons. Although the main sights are well-trodden very short distances from the main tourist pathways are undisturbed forests, hillsides, wild olive groves & other varied ecosystems. We often explore these places as part of our visits & highlight the ecological diversity found in each area. In Mycenae for example we visit a tomb not inside the ticketed sight, but one found 5 minutes away through a small stone path along the hill slope with the opportunity to spot many local reptile species avoiding the noise a short distance away.

Similarly, in Delphi, the cliff tops & surroundings are home to over 25 species of bird of prey along with a plethora of wild plants & insects appearing at distinct times of year. Upkeep of the sites is supported by our visit & funds used has in recent times been put into new fire protection systems which have become increasingly necessary in avoiding local environmental disasters.

Road travel is unavoidable in many cases in reaching these destinations but our small-group tour moves us from a previous model of exclusively private tours, so that this tour requires a much-reduced number of vehicles, thereby limiting further our footprint as far as possible.

All the guesthouses we stay at have clean energy policies in place using recycling, solar water heating and participate in local programs on efficient waste management.


Our professional partners throughout Greece are overwhelmingly very specialized small family businesses in rural areas that favor sustainable practices. These include all hotels we stay at in the Peloponnese, Delphi and Kalambaka which are mainly small renovated guesthouses of traditional architecture.

The restaurants we recommend are also exclusively family-run and supplied in the case of fish restaurants, by small local fishermen with line and not net or other invasive non-sustainable methods. Similarly, they are supplied with agricultural products produced by small scale local farmers typically using very limited machinery and automation.

An important aspect of the local economies in these areas is the hand craft-based cottage industries in the categories of textiles, woodcraft & specialist foods. Many small scale industries are still present in Greece, especially in rural areas. These products are also found in the small towns we visit during our tours and are directly supported by foreign tourism which is essential in keeping many of these traditional crafts alive. Our tour visits the villages of Arachova and Galaxithi where our guests will be able to find more of the local produce than the those taking the main coach routes passing through only larger tourist sites.

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