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Baht 27500ToBaht 50500 excluding flights
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Sanuk is a very Thai concept of deriving pleasure from whatever you are doing – at work or play. It forms the basis of Thailand’s exceptional hospital...
I am a grown man, and have travelled all over Africa. But the first time I saw a tiger in the wilds of India, I cried.

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All types of ecosystems are under threat around the world through encroachment and fragmentation by agricultural and industrial activity and one of the most sensitive are the world’s wetlands. In Thailand we have one of the most important wetlands in Southeast Asia; the Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve. it is one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the region and it provides a breeding ground to over 180 species of native and migratory birds and it is also home to a huge variety of plants and other local fauna. It too is under threat from human activity and is in great need of protection. Tourism can provide some of that protection by illustrating clearly that its economic value alone, regardless of its environmental value, is far greater as a thriving attraction for domestic and overseas visitors than would be the case if the land was turned over to agriculture or to industrial or residential development. The income that tourists put into the local economy, therefore, encourages people to protect their natural assets: preventing encroachment, reducing pollution and promoting regeneration. We push along this trend by increasing awareness of the existence of natural assets such as Tale Noi, and Lake Hua Nam Sai, where bamboo rafting is a popular and environmentally benign activity. As visitor numbers gradually increase, income goes up and the need for environmental protection becomes more obvious to the local stakeholders. To protect the environment from further damage, the number of visitors is carefully controlled to prevent over exploitation. In addition, all our trips are free of any single-use plastic, all waste is kept to a minimum and disposed of responsibly and activities as low-energy as possible.


Away from the islands and the mainland beach resorts, southern Thailand receives relatively few foreign visitors, this together with the steadying influence of the significant Muslim population found in all of the southern provinces from Chumphon and on down, means that communities have perhaps been less affected by the pressures of Western cultural influences than some other regions of Thailand. This increases the need to be careful when conducting tourism activities in small rural communities in provinces such as Phatthalung. We wish to avoid aiding the erosion of traditional Thai mores that is all too apparent in many tourist centers. At the time of booking, all of our clients are given a comprehensive written list of Dos and Don’ts, so they may avoid offending local people by the way they dress, through their actions or words, and know how to work their way around culturally sensitive subjects: and so generally “fit in” with the local population. This is particularly important with children and young adults who have tendency to look to Western people for inspiration or guidance in terms of fashion, “modern behaviour” and so on. This is certainly not something we wish to encourage. When it comes to young children, we actively discourage the handing out of sweets and small gifts, and definitely no money. If clients wish to give some treats to the children then they are asked to give them to the teachers at the local school who will ensure they are distributed appropriately. All contact with children is monitored closely anyway, to ensure that there is never any inappropriate interaction. In addition to the written guidelines given to our clients, our guides will cover again all of these points in their briefings along with any specific points to note related to a particular community prior to their arrival there.

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