Northern Cameroon safari expedition

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£6995 excluding flights
£6995 with a £400 single supplement
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As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We know the wildlife of Northern Cameroon extremely well and recognise its national, regional and international importance. We are therefore entirely committed to protecting and conserving the ecosystems of Northern Cameroon and the wildlife that depends on them. In particular, Northern Cameroon is the largest stronghold for giant eland in the world. Visitors may also spot Kordofan giraffe, bush elephant, forest elephant, sitatunga, bongo, lion, leopard, chimpanzee and much more. This tour takes in rich savanna and forest areas, greatly enhancing the number of important species that may be seen. During this safari, we will never remain or approach a sighting which we deem to be crowded (which is very unlikely here), nor will we remain at a sighting if we deem our presence to be causing the animal distress, or causing the animal in question to behave unnaturally. This itinerary includes several night drives, and we will never knowingly spotlight a diurnal animal. We will also never spotlight a young, injured or otherwise vulnerable animal.

Areas of Northern Cameroon are routinely short of rainfall and drought here is commonplace. As such, we ask that guests are sensitive to this and conscious of their water usage throughout this tour - this includes limiting the length of showers and any other superfluous use of water. Clients must be aware that this tour visits areas that are primarily hunting concessions - we will explain in detail the importance of these areas to conservation in Cameroon


It is crucial for all parties that ecotourism delivers genuine benefits to local people and the communities of which they are a part. When done properly, ecotourism allows local people to attach genuine value to ecosystems and the wildlife that call these areas home which, in turn, does a huge amount to secure the future of these animals. With this in mind, we insist that all local suppliers employ local people, and guests should expect that throughout this tour, guides, drivers, cooks, ecoguards and housekeeping staff will be Cameroonian.

We ask that clients are sensitive to local people, their cultures and their traditions throughout this tour. In particular, clients should recognise that ecotourism is in its infancy in Cameroon. As such, there is no culture of guiding, and the standards of wildlife-guiding and accommodation falls below that in East and Southern Africa - this tour is escorted by an expert tour leader for this very reason. However, we also ask that clients are patient and respectful in all interactions with local people during their vacation. We also ask that clients refrain from photographing and person without their consent during this tour.

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