Jordan & Saudi Arabia history tour

US $20900 including domestic flights only
24 Days
Jordan, Saudi Arabia
Small group
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Price includes 26 breakfasts,22 lunches,22 dinners.
A single supplement of US$2280 is available. This trip has the option of private departures, ideal for groups of friends and families, offering a flexible range of dates, durations & inclusions.
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Description of Jordan & Saudi Arabia history tour


Price information

US $20900 including domestic flights only
Price includes 26 breakfasts,22 lunches,22 dinners.
A single supplement of US$2280 is available. This trip has the option of private departures, ideal for groups of friends and families, offering a flexible range of dates, durations & inclusions.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Group Size
We are passionate about minimising the negative impacts that tourism may cause. A pillar of our travel philosophy is our belief in small group sizes. Our maximum capacity for this trip to Jordan and Saudi Arabia is just 16 travelers. Not only does this minimise the negative impacts on the destinations we visit, but it also provides a more immersive and intimate local travel experience.

Reducing use of Single-use plastics
All of our travelers to Jordan & Saudi Arabia are provided with cloth bags and reusable water bottles at the beginning of their trip to help them avoid single-use plastics such as plastic shopping bags and disposable water bottles. Further to this, we instruct our suppliers in both Jordan and Saudi Arabia to provide large tanks of potable water for group vehicles. We also encourage the hotels and lodges that host our groups to provide safe and reliable water at refill stations. These simple but effective measures can have a considerable impact and drastically reduce the amount of waste generated during each expedition. It also has the added benefit of helping our local partners operate in a more sustainable manner.


Traveling with Respect
We travel to some of the most remote parts of Jordan and Saudi Arabia on this expedition. Much time is spent camping and, to ensure we do not leave any traces of our visit, we ensure all litter and waste is taken with us. We have designed this itinerary to include communities that are off the tourist trail, such as those in the rarely-visited northern deserts of Saudi Arabia, allowing an injection of cash into areas that are often overlooked and in need of development.

Due to the religious and cultural sensitivities of these countries, we have ensured that we always travel with highly-trained local guides, who educate our group about the correct etiquette of each region and understand the country’s laws, rules and regulations, which can be confusing for visitors.

Local suppliers
We want to make sure that as much money as possible generated from our expeditions stays in Jordan & Saudi Arabia. We work with local guides and drivers and purchase from a range of local suppliers to ensure the economic benefits of travel are spread amongst the local communities in the destinations we visit.

We avoid using large international chain hotels when we can, although this is not always possible in these countries. For example, in Amman, Jordan we spend 5 nights at the locally run House Boutique Suites and throughout northern Saudi we stay in local guest houses and hotels. A large part of the Saudi portion of our expedition is camping, minimising our environmental impact and supporting local businesses who provide us with all of the camping gear and supplies.

Our experiences are also tailored to benefit local communities and provide meaningful connections with them – such as our experience dining with the Ammarin tribe in Little Petra, Jordan, where, side by side with tribal members, we learn about their culture and cuisine. Our street food tour of Amman, Jordan takes in local markets, street vendors and restaurants – providing tourism dollars to establishments that rarely have access to tourists.

Supporting local projects & communities
Through this unique tour, there are several experiences that directly involves interacting with the local community. For example, in Amman we have arranged for our group to spend time with members of the Friends of Archaeology and Heritage Association in Ammam, an organisation that actively promotes greater understanding of archaeology and the importance of preservation and conservation of Jordan’s national heritage.

Throughout our expedition, we bring in local experts such as a history professors and local archaeologists to further enrich our understanding of Jordanian and Saudi culture and have curated special dining experiences that are prepared by the local community such as a cooking lesson in Bait Sitti restaurant in Amman.

Restaurants used for lunches and dinners throughout the expedition are locally owned establishments serving authentic local food, which gives our travelers the chance to see how Jordanians and Saudi people dine and feast. Food is commonly used by the people of this region to express their hospitality and generosity - mealtimes are more like a social event, with food representing communities. By ensuring we have these culinary experiences with local people we are fostering togetherness and cross-cultural understanding.

During the course of the expedition, there is an opportunity to sleep in the desert of Wadi Rum. The visit of Wadi Rum will be conducted by local Bedouins where they will provide a 4x4 excursion and camel ride. These activities directly benefit the local community and allow them to improve their well-being.

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