Central African Republic safari, Dzanga-Sangha NP

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Description of Central African Republic safari, Dzanga-Sangha NP

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£5550To£6050 excluding flights
£5550 with a £500 single supplement
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Dzanga-Sangha is a globally recognised hotspot for biodiversity and is vital to the continued survival of much of the Central African rainforest ecosystem. As such, we recognise the privilege and honour we have to be able to play a small part in protecting Dzanga-Sangha and its extensive array of wildlife. In particular, Dzanga-Sangha protects substantial populations of forest elephant, bongo, sitatunga, red river hog and much more. Many of these species are deeply threatened by habitat loss and poaching. When viewing these animals, we always do so responsibly. We never remain in the presence of an animal when our being there is deemed likely to cause the animal to act unnaturally, or to be in distress. This itinerary includes night walks - we will never spotlight a diurnal animal, nor will we ever spotlight a young, injured or otherwise distressed animal.

Dzanga-Sangha is an extraordinarily valuable ecosystem, and we ask clients to carefully consider their impact on the environment during their stay. In particular, we ask clients to refrain from using single-use plastics during their stay, minimise the litter they produce and limit the use of water whenever possible.


It is absolutely vital to areas like Dzanga-Sangha, where the local community and the ecosystems we visit are so deeply entwined, that ecotourism delivers genuine and lasting benefit to local people and the communities of which they are a part. When done properly, this helps to ensure that local people see a real benefit to protecting wildlife and attach value to the ecosystem more broadly which, in turn, is a huge asset to the long-term protection and conservation of Dzanga-Sangha and the wildlife that resides here. To this end, we insist that local suppliers throughout this tour employ local people. As such, guests on this tour should expect guides, drivers and housekeeping staff to be Central African.

It is important that guests are always respectful of local people, their culture and their traditions during this tour. The local Ba'aka people have a wonderful relationship with the ecosystem and it is a real honour to be their guests in Dzanga-Sangha. There are several opportunities to meet and interact with the local Ba'aka community during this tour, including the chance to hunt with them in the forest. Whilst we recognise that many clients find the idea of hunting unpalatable, this is an integral part of Ba'aka culture and done at a subsistence level only. If guests do not wish to take part, there is no obligation to do so, but we ask that guests are respectful of the Ba'aka right to hunt around their homes and do not seek to view this activity through a western lens.

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