Ethiopia & Kenya expedition, cradle of humanity

US $24900 including domestic flights only
22 Days
Ethiopia, Kenya
Small group
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A single supplement of US$1890 is available on this expedition. This expedition has the option of private departures, ideal for groups of friends and families, offering a flexible range of dates, durations and inclusions.
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Description of Ethiopia & Kenya expedition, cradle of humanity

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US $24900 including domestic flights only
A single supplement of US$1890 is available on this expedition. This expedition has the option of private departures, ideal for groups of friends and families, offering a flexible range of dates, durations and inclusions.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Group Size
We are passionate about minimising the negative impacts that tourism may cause. A pillar of our travel philosophy is our belief in small group sizes. Our maximum capacity for this trip to Ethiopia & Kenya is just 16 travelers. Not only does this minimise the negative impacts on the destinations we visit, but it also provides a more immersive and intimate local travel experience.

Reducing use of Single-use plastics
All of our travelers to Ethiopia & Kenya are provided with cloth bags and reusable water bottles at the beginning of their trip to help them avoid single-use plastics such as plastic shopping bags and disposable water bottles. Further to this, we instruct our suppliers in these countries to provide large tanks of potable water for group vehicles. We also encourage the hotels and lodges that host our groups to provide safe and reliable water at refill stations. These simple but effective measures can have a considerable impact and drastically reduce the amount of waste generated during each expedition. It also has the added benefit of helping our Ethiopian and Kenyan partners operate in a more sustainable manner.

Environmentally friendly mobile camps
Our expedition consists mostly of mobile tented camps. With these sites, we have no permanent structures (with no cement used for example) and therefore we leave no footprint and no mark on the land. We use eco-friendly safari style toilets, with no chemicals. All our biodegrade rubbish is carefully buried as per park regulations. All other rubbish is taken out and returned to Nairobi where is recycled where possible, (glass, metal, plastics) and the balance is collected by a responsible garbage disposal company.
Our safari equipment is carefully chosen to give the best comfort with the least weight, no unnecessary equipment is taken, and this ensures that the safari vehicles we use, which are carefully designed, can carry a maximum load with a minimum number of vehicles.
We camp in National Reserves which are owned and run by local Government offices. This benefits the people who live near the game reserves and often have to deal with wildlife. Rangers and wardens are all locally employed and by using these parks we benefit the whole community.


Supporting local projects & communities
We financially support the Leakey Foundation based in Northern Kenya. The purpose of the organisation is to increase scientific knowledge, provide education and promote public awareness of human origins, evolution, behaviour and survival. The Foundation funds scientific research that explores the many facets of human origins and shares the results of this research through innovative educational programs. They also provide funding for graduate students from countries with limited academic opportunities to earn advanced degrees in fields like palaeoanthropology and primatology.
Groups on this expedition visit the Leakey Foundations Turkana Base Institute. Lodging at the research facility, our travelers spend a full day visiting some of the world’s most famous archaeological sites with an expert guide from the Institute and learn more about their community outreach programme.

Local suppliers
We want to make sure that as much money as possible generated from our expeditions stays in Ethiopia & Kenya. We work with local guides and drivers and purchase from a range of local suppliers to ensure the economic benefits of travel are spread amongst the local communities in the destinations we visit. Our mobile safari is fairly labour intensive, with putting up and taking down of tents many times during a safari. This in turn provides employment work of our safari crew who come from all over Kenya and Ethiopia. We also take on younger members, in a training capacity, so that they will have some skills in which to find employment with.

We avoid using large international chain hotels, and instead across these countries work with locally owned properties such as the family run Buska Lodge in Ethiopia and the Koobi Fora Cottages in Kenya. Our experiences are also tailored to benefit local communities and provide meaningful connections with them – such as our experience camping with a number of nomadic tribes in the Omo River region. Teaching overseas visitors about the tribal beliefs and customs of the indigenous communities is much better done by somebody from the community so we always try to find an elder, and a responsible spokesman in any village we meet and pay them.

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