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3450 excluding flights
3,450 per person sharing
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We recognise that Bioko has a very high degree of endemism (and near-endemism) and that this applies to most of the primate species found on this island, including drill, Preuss's monkey, Pennant's red colobus and others. Many of these species are also deeply threatened or endangered, and so we are committed to their protection and preservation. We will never remain at a sighting of any animal if we believe our presence is of detriment to them. We never pursue any animal that has chosen to move away from us. This itinerary may include several night walks, and we make every effort to avoid spotlighting any diurnal species. We will never spotlight a young, injured or otherwise vulnerable animal.

We ask that clients take extra care to protect the environment on this tour. This extends to limiting any superfluous use of water, as well as avoiding single-use plastics. We ask that clients do not damage any flora when walking the forested areas of Pico Basile and Gran Caldera.


In an area such as Bioko, where ecotourism is almost non-existent, it is imperative that the pioneering ecotourist groups that do visit make a genuine contribution to local people and the communities of which they are a part. This does a significant amount to ensure that local people attach value to the wildlife we travel so far to see, which increases the likelihood that steps will be taken to ensure these species are protected and preserved for future generations. With this in mind, guests should expect that throughout this tour, drivers, ecoguards, cooks and housekeeping staff are from Equatorial Guinea.

We ask that clients are cognisant of the fact that ecotourism is nascent in Equatorial Guinea, and that standards of guiding and service are lower than in many other parts of the continent. We request that clients are patient and respectful in all dealings with local staff and direct any issues or complaints to their tour leader.

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