Health care volunteering in Kenya

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03 Mar 2018
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Volunteer travel - what's it all about

Are you looking for an adventurous trip with a purpose, or on a gap year or career break? If you want to make a difference in some of the world’s most important conservation areas - and in community projects - then volunteer trips are for you! Volunteers tend to have a sense of adventure, and come from a range of different backgrounds and from all over the world.
Edward Abbey said 'sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul'.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Health care volunteering in Kenya


The health of our oceans, rivers and forests is crucial to our survival and wellbeing, yet unsustainable human activities are putting increasing pressure on our planet. As a company, we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges posed by climate change through exploration of sustainable ‘green’ options. Our environmental projects protect the environment and help people use the resources they need without compromising them for future generations.

As an organisation, we are carbon neutral. In Kenya, we minimise the use of harmful substances such as pesticides, cleaning products and paints, substituting them for innocuous and environmentally friendly products. The use and disposal of chemicals is properly managed.

Camp Tsavo is designed to minimise pollution from noise, light, run-off, erosion, ozone-damaging compounds and air and soil contaminants. We choose only environmentally friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food and consumables.

In addition, we encourage the principles of permaculture in our Kenyan projects and we have developed a community tree nursery for the neighbouring communities in Tsavo that provide fast- growing, sustainable wood.


All of the camp locations that you stay in during your programme are staffed by members of the surrounding communities. Our projects are ongoing and sustainable, allowing us to commit to permanent employment for locals.

We employ staff transparently, creating a diverse workforce in terms of gender, ethnicity, age and disability. We pay all our employees fairly and treat ethically, respecting International and/or national legal protection of employees. By working in areas where tourism is less established, we contribute to the even distribution of income and economic growth. Most of our fresh produce and project materials are source from sustainable, local supplies.

Be part of a remarkable two week Healthcare volunteering programme in rural Kenya. Use your vocational skills to change the lives of rural communities who otherwise don’t have access to sufficient healthcare services. Our pop-up clinics treat all ages from newborns through the elderly, you could be treating a child with jiggers (parasitic fleas that embed into the feet), tending to infected wounds, or carrying out much needed immunisations. As well as treating patients, Healthcare Outreach acts as a valuable vehicle for awareness offering help and advice on everything from family planning to nutrition.

1 Reviews of Health care volunteering in Kenya

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 21 Aug 2006 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

It is too early to say whether this vacation was life changing but for me, it was a homecoming as I used to live in Kenya and felt a mixture of feelings - sad at the corruption that exists in daily life at police checks, etc. but most of all humbled at the generosity, dignity and hospitality that I found in and from the locals around the project where I worked. These are people who have very little materially and work very hard to make ends meet and yet there is a joy and a friendliness that it is hard to find in my home environment in London.

So... for now I would rate it as an excellent vacation which is of the kind I will be taking from now on in other parts of the world hopefully and who knows how it might change my life - it has certainly raised my awareness of how life is for people in other parts of the world.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

The tips I would give other travelers is to take clothes to work in (depending on the project of course) and to find out what the project might need which is difficult to get - I would have liked to have gone armed with some simple (in my terms) supplies.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, and minimized impacts on the environment?

I hope that my presence benefited the local people, not so much in terms of my labour, but in terms of relationship where it was evident from my experience that there can be a meeting of minds and hearts between people from different cultures etc.

4. Any other comments?

I would recommend a vacation like this for anyone who wants to experience a little more of what life is like in a country, which is difficult from a purely hotel/tourist perspective. I learned that I can make bricks, whittle trees and generally adapt to what is available to make the most of things. I will be in touch again when booking my next vacation!

Thanks for putting me in touch with this company - one worry for me was that I would be a lot older than the other volunteers - this was the case but I met some wonderful enthusiastic young people and age didn't seem to matter.

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