Dartmoor horse riding vacation, England

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Dartmoor horse riding vacation, England

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Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Dartmoor abounds with flowers, mosses, lichens and trees, som e of which are very rare. It's also noted for rare butterflies and insects as well as being home to a variety of larger wildlife ranging from hedgehogs, the dormouse, ponies and hairy cattle (the latter not indigenous). There have also been reports of wild cats sightings...

By using horse to travel across Dartmoor not only can we get close to the wildlife without disturbing it but we can do so in the knowledge that we are not damaging their environment. We feel that by drawing attention to the diversity of flora and fauna we are raising awareness of the unique environment that Dartmoor is and helping to conserve it.

The Hotel at two bridges is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and the land either side of the West Dart River is SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). Many of ther plants and ground-nesting birds along the banks of the river are rare and endangered.

The river it's self has an abundance of brown trout and salmon during the season. These are fished on a 'catch and release' license.

All suppliers from stables to local hotel and pubs operate policies of reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible. West Devon and Dartmoor national park pride themselves on having one of the highest recycling statistics in the UK.

The Moor itself is an environmentally sensitive area. Whilst on the Moor we stop for picnic lunches. Any rubbish we generate we take to our next destination to be appropriately disposed of in recycling and composting facilities. We also pick up any other rubbish, where possible, that has been discarded by others. The removal of a small light bit of plastic can indeed save the life of an animal.

We take refillable waterbottles on our rides to remove the curse of the plastic bottle .

A number of the places we stay at have their own water supplies, the hotels water supply is spring fed. Although water is plentiful on the Moor, having your own water supply encourages a respect for water as every drop is precious: our guests will be made aware of this.

“Leave only footprints; take only pictures” is a well-used sentence, but one we adhere to. There is no more environmentally-friendly means of transport than the horse: they are quiet and gentle on the environment and a natural part of the habitat; no 4x4s emitting fumes and destroying a fragile earth.

We encourage the use of shared transport to get to the start point. There’s a reasonable public transport system to get to the start and end of the ride. We will give out the timetable when people book the vacation.

We appreciate that people will come to Dartmoor from all over the world, but this vacation offers UK residents the chance to experience that amazing sense of glorious isolation that is so difficult to find in the UK, and without contributing to the carbon footprint that air travel unfortunately brings.


Dartmoor is our area and we know our local partners well: the horses are excellent, the accommodation is characterful and cozy. The food is locally sources and wholesome. All local suppliers support their local community and provide employment opportunities.

Dartmoor is a rural area with relatively little work for those not running internet businesses. Many young people leave the area in search of employment. The accommodation and pubs we use are locally run and offer employment to people based locally. The pubs and accommodation in turn use local suppliers for food and drink which also adds to the employment opportunities.

We are fortunate enough to have our own brewery on the Moor that is located at Princetown. Dartmoor Brewery has been brewing beer since 1994 and Two Bridges hotel enjoys hosting special brews as well as established favourites such as Jail Ale and Legend. The brewery offers employment in an area where there really is very little.

Devon is renowned for its good produce. The food that is prepared at the places we stay is local and the chances are you will ride by the field it grew in – no factory intensive farming here.

The farms on Dartmoor and indeed the whole of Devon are small and often family run as they have been for generations. It is hard for the farms to make enough money to sustain a family and the traditions that have been operating for years. By using local B and B's at farm houses we provide an alternative source of farm-gate income.

On our 9th Sept ride ride we visit Widecombe Fair which embodies Dartmoor traditions. By supporting the fair we contribute to its continued success and running. In August we visit the Chagford Fair likewise a fair embodying the old traditions of Dartmoor combined with the new.

There are two very important charities run in Devon - The Devon air ambulance and the Dartmoor Rescue Group. We hope we never need them on a ride but they are there. Every year they rescue tourists and locals in Devon and on Dartmoor. We support their work and will encourage our riders to do the same.

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