Volunteer at a lion sanctuary in South Africa

A month of caring for displaced and abused lions, in an established South African sanctuary not far from Drakensberg Mountains. Approximately 70 lions on site, some rescued from canned hunting set ups. Self catering accommodation on site.
Volunteer with renowned animal welfare charity in South Africa South African savannah Onsite accommodation Zebra Wildebeest impala Swimming pool Golden Gate National Park Drakensberg Mountains
£1495 excluding flights
4 Weeks
Tailor made
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Price includes voluntary work programme with accommodation, transfer from airport and local support.
Your trip can be extended at a cost of £270 per week.
Fully ATOL bonded if we organise your flights.
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Description of Volunteer at a lion sanctuary in South Africa

Price information

£1495 excluding flights
Price includes voluntary work programme with accommodation, transfer from airport and local support.
Your trip can be extended at a cost of £270 per week.
Fully ATOL bonded if we organise your flights.
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This trip can be tailormade to suit your requirements, throughout the year

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Animal welfare
The project is run by a well-regarded international charity which focuses on rescuing animals kept in cruel conditions. All the lions at the park have been confiscated from sub-standard zoos and private game hunters. Most have chronic health and emotional problems. The animals receive expert veterinary care on arrival and follow a carefully planned introduction programme which encourages them to join a social group and re-discover their natural instincts. Strict protocols are adhered to, in order to ensure the best possible environment for the cats, as well as the safety of staff.

Although the animals are now unable to survive alone in the wild you will still have the chance to see them behaving as they would do in their natural habitat. The sanctuary places an emphasis on encouraging them to live in prides and roam as freely as possible. You can be part of the important work taking place and help to monitor their behaviour which allows the team to develop new measures and practices to provide a life at natural as possible for the big cats.

Protecting the world
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Meeting local needs
As well as helping to protect big cats, the sanctuary plays an important role in protecting the local economy. The ‘big five’ wild animals are a key source of tourist income for South Africa and protection of these species is vital for poor rural areas, who badly need responsible tourism to sustain them.

By volunteering at the sanctuary, you will be helping to meet an important local need. You will also contribute directly to the area’s economy, creating jobs for domestic staff at the sanctuary, buying and eating locally-sourced food and making use of shops and leisure facilities in the town. You will not be taking jobs away from local people. The charity employs as many local staff as it can afford, but relies on volunteers to support them.

Cultural sensitivity
We emphasise the importance of showing respect for local people and their customs in our briefing material. You will work alongside permanent staff, forming close bonds and getting an insight into real life in rural South Africa. Our policy is to send people oversesa in small groups or individually. This minimises the environmental and social impact that the participants have on the destination and helps them to integrate into the local community.

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