Cooking vacation in Extremadura, Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cooking vacation in Extremadura, Spain

Our groups are small and manageable on a very personal level, between 4- 8 people, we can integrate excellently with the local community who welcome us as interested, unobtrusive guests. Over the years we have built up a solid network of local people who support our efforts with enthusiasm, helping and giving us a very special relationship with the Trujillo community.

We recognise that the environment, the community and the culture within which we operate and our relationship with local organisations, businesses and individuals is vital to the success of our business. Extremadura has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe around 30%, particularly during the winter months as many of the jobs available are seasonal. We are very pleased to provide economic support by bringing business to the local economy during off season months.

70% of our turnover is spent in local businesses and our clients spend money in the area as well. We use locally owned and run accommodation and promote the local heritage, architecture, culture and gastronomy of Extremadura wherever we can. We aim to purchase our equipment and food from locally produced sources. We support our local farmers by using l produce in season for the recipes we use in our cooking classes.

We support small business enterprises, locally owned shops and restaurants. We encourage the production of local crafts & produce by marketing to our customers eg. the excellent local Guardiana wines from the Tierras del Barro, pottery and ceramics, virgin olive oil, pimenton, jamon iberico de bellota and the handcrafted chocolates made in Trujillo from pure cacao beans.

Our guests are given the opportunity to buy locally made gifts to take home and spend around 5,500 euros in the area per annum (based upon number of clients pa x average 55 euros per client).Much of the money earned is ploughed back into restoring and maintaining the architecture of Trujillo.

Our guides live in Extremadura, local knowedge is part of their lifes, they are able to show clients the delights of Extremeno culture, architecture, art, gastronomy and local flora & fauna.

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