Extreme activity vacation in Nepal

“Nepal is the definitive adventurer's playground and this 16-day long adrenaline rush of rafting, climbing and biking proves the point perfectly.”


Kathmandu | Ancient temple tour | Swayambutinath | Pashupatinath | Bunjee jumpimp | Bhote Kosi River | Canyoning | Abseiling | White water rafting | Sun Kosi River | Patan | Pokhara | Annapurna Massif | Downhill mountain biking | Muktinath | Paragliding | Motorbiking

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30 Sep 2017
£ 2395
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21 Oct 2017
£ 2395
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11 Nov 2017
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02 Dec 2017
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Our top tip:
Get some mountain bike training in before you go, so you can take on the steepest descents.
Trip type:
Small group - 4-16 adults plus tour leader.
Activity level:
5 nights hotel, 6 nights camp/teahouse, 1 night safari camp.
Solo travelers welcome. Single rooms available at hotels only for a surcharge.
9 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners.
Accommodation, transfers, transport, listed activities, guide, porter.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Extreme activity vacation in Nepal


Leave Nothing But Footprints…
We stand by the adage of “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos” and encourage clients to do the same. This trek travels through remote, fragile eco-systems and their preservation is of the utmost importance.

Take in What You Take Out
We always dispose of our rubbish in an eco-friendly manner and ‘take out, what we put in’. We encourage our clients to take batteries back to the UK to dispose of properly.

Bottled Water
Bottled water has an immensely negative impact on the areas we visit, as they are not recyclable. We recommend purchasing water-purifying tablets or a water filter to treat your drinking water whilst in Nepal and to bring a reusable water bottle. Many of the places we stay also offer boiled/treated/filtered water - perfect for refilling your bottle!

Bio-friendly & Biodegradable Detergents, Soaps & Shampoos
Our guides only use detergents that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This practice is also recommended to our clients whilst on vacation and before their trip departs. We recognise that it is difficult to find some of these products whilst in the countries we visit, which is why we communicate to our clients before departure the importance of minimizing our environmental impact.

K.E.E.P. (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) – Nepal
We support K.E.E.P.

K.E.E.P. is a not-for profit, non-governmental organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The mission of K.E.E.P. is to ensure the future ecological and cultural prosperity of Nepal and its people by maximizing the benefits and reducing the negative impacts associated with tourism.

Their objectives are to:
- Promote sustainable tourism and provide environmental and cultural education to travelers and the tourism industry through free, impartial information and training programs
- Enable sustainable development through outreach projects, training and resources in order to seek a more equitable distribution of the economic benefits of tourism for the people of Nepal
- Conduct research and development activities on environmental and associated social issues

We keep our clients informed and encourage a visit to their Visitor’s Centre in Kathmandu whilst on tour. The Visitor’s Centre provides unbiased and invaluable local knowledge of the areas we visit and is an excellent resource for information and insight into the environmental and ecological issues in Nepal.

At Work in the UK
- We only use energy efficient light bulbs in our offices
- All paper, cardboard, plastics, and tins are recycled
- Our employees are encouraged to only print what is absolutely necessary and reduce/reuse materials whenever possible
- We do not have any printed brochures and aim to keep printing of paper materials to a minimum. We encourage our clients to do the same.
- Our office printer has a 3* energy rating and is energy efficient
- Our staff walk or cycle to work
- Paper is sourced from sustainable forests and is 100% recycled
- Ink used in all of our materials are eco-friendly, vegetable based inks.


Our Foundation
After seeing first hand the poor treatment and conditions porters often work in, we decided to create our own foundation dedicated to providing proper clothing and equipment for porters, their families and the remote mountain communities we visit. On all of our Nepal trips, clients are encouraged to donate/bring useful goods and equipment with them on their vacations. We ensure that all goods are distributed fairly.

Our not-for-profit foundation also supports a local school and community in Beluwa, a remote village in the Ghurka region and is the hometown of one of our local guides. We have supplied the school with much needed materials like pencils and writing books and the students with warm jumpers.

Our current project is to raise the funds needed for a water pump to be installed in the village. At the moment villagers must walk for over 2 hours each way to collect water.

Local Guides and Suppliers
- We employ local suppliers and guides.
- We only use reputable suppliers that adhere to the same high standards as ourselves.
- We use suppliers that train and educate younger employees to international standards, gaining international certifications thus raising the standards of the respective industries.

We stay in small family run guesthouses and at home-stays (the homes of local families), thus ensuring that money is driven back into local communities. At all other times we aim to stay in independently owned hotels.

Small Group Sizes
Small group sizes equals more interaction with locals, less intrusion, and potential for more adventure, as well as allowing for the spontaneous and magical moments that occur while traveling, all while making less of an impact on the places we visit. We keep group sizes to a maximum of 12 people.

Food, Drink and Local Products
- On this tour some but not all food is included with your vacation. When the opportunity arises, we encourage you to explore local options whilst eating, and to eat in independent and family run establishments. Not only does this assist in spreading out income for a variety of different families/businesses it encourages our clients to experience new/local cuisine and provides a genuine experience
- In circumstances where we do provide food, produce is locally sourced and we employ local cooks and cook assistants
- We encourage our guests to buy local, shop at local markets and purchase souvenirs/handicrafts and authentic goods that are produced within the region we are exploring.

2 Reviews of Extreme activity vacation in Nepal

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 13 May 2014 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

It has to have been rafting the G4 rapids on the Bhote Koshi with thunder and lightning, rain bouncing off the water and 1.5cm hailstones falling from the sky, still all in 27 degrees heat, wow amazing!

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

No need to bring $USD as you can exchange your own currency in to local RS. easily in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Yes, local guides are used for trips, and local small run hotels and camps are used when traveling.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?


Reviewed on 22 Oct 2012 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Starting mountain biking at 4000meters with many mountain peaks surrounding. Making new friends and feeling welcome in the trip group.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Be relaxed and open minded to new people and different culture.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Many aspects of the trip encouraged us to help local people and leave the environment clean.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

I had a brilliant time on this vacation and it fulfilled most of what I wanted to get out of the trip.

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