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This trip runs April to July.
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Traveling with a local operator

This vacation is operated by a company based in the vacation destination and they will be able to provide expert local knowledge. They will be able to tailor make your vacation to suit your requirements not only concerning the dates of travel but also typically the standard of accommodation, and thus price. It is rare for local operators to be able to help with the booking of your flights.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Turkey activity vacation


We accept a maximum number of 12 people on this trip, because we believe that small groups minimise the impact of tourism on the environment. In addition, a small group size enables local people and visitors to interact in a more meaningful way, benefiting both sides; and for the same reason we ensure that the group is accompanied by a guide who speaks both English and Turkish.

One way that we minimise the impact on the environment is by using vehicles as little as possible and by using group transport. All the activities in this tour are environmentally friendly, using non-polluting muscle-power to explore the beautiful outdoors in this part of the world.

In addition to minimising any negative impact, we aim to create a positive impact on the environment by introducing visitors to the great variety of flora and fauna found here, much of it rare and endangered. To this end we provide participants on this tour with illustrated notes about the natural heritage of the area, including information about Turkish environmental organisations. If you would like to offer your support to any of these organisations, we provide contact details. Our aim is to raise the consciousness of both visitors and local people about local conservation issues.


We are a locally-based and locally-owned tour operator. We are fully committed to running our tours in a way that reduces the impact on our environment and contributes as much as possible to the local community.

For this tour we use a small, friendly hotel in Dalyan, owned and run by a local family.

All the services that we use, such as transport and restaurants, are locally owned and operated, and as much as possible we buy supplies for our trips from village markets and shops.

This tour is arranged on a bed and breakfast basis, with lunch provided on activity days which means that in the evenings you have the opportunity to eat out in different restaurants and try various local dishes, enhancing your vacation experience and supporting the local economy.

Our staff is made up mainly of Turkish people as we feel this benefits all involved, and is the best way for our guests to gain an insight into Turkish culture. We are committed to training our guides to a high standard, and to this end we arrange our own training activities for our staff - our director is an experienced and internationally qualified outdoor instructor.

We support the local community in their efforts to preserve their environment, for example the campaign of villagers in the Yuvarlak River area to protect their river against a proposed dam construction project.

We work to promote good relationships between tourists and the people who live in our area by promoting interaction with the local community, for example by facilitating conversations with villagers when we meet them during our tours and by buying their produce.

2 Reviews of Turkey activity vacation

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 08 Sep 2016 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

The water based activities were great. We kayaked on our second day, and I felt I hadn't had so much fun for years. We also really enjoyed sleeping out under the stars, after helping Vedat to set up camp and prepare a meal.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Our vacation was in July. It was hot. Take a sun hat and appropriate clothing. Take cycle gloves for bikes and kayaking. And waterproof cameras and watches. Learn a few phrases in Turkish - it goes a long way. We used a review site to choose restaurants from the top ten scored, which was very successful.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Yes.The local guides, hotel, restraunts and shops all benefited from our visit in what was a quiet season.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

This was a fantastic vacation.
At the end of the week I would have loved to start it all again.

It was our first visit to Turkey and we were amazed by the beauty of the landscape. The activities were well organised and our guide Vedat adapted the itinerary to suit us. Vedat took the trouble to ask how each of us was doing, to decide what to do next, and when he thought of tweaks to the programme he ran them them past us first.

All the food provided as part of the activities was delicious, and we really appreciated the thought that went into it because Vedat planned it specifically to please us. He is truly hospitable.

As it was July, some of us did struggle with the walking and cycling in the heat.

We were impressed with both Vedat's working practices and those of the vacation provider.

The hotel we were based in has an idyllic setting beside the river.
One of my favourite things was swimming across the river at 7 am. The light at that time is golden and the river calm. The hotel is a very relaxed place. The staff are helpful and easy going. We enjoyed our buffet breakfasts watching the wildlife in the river. The hotel is on the outskirts of a small town and it was pleasant to walk along the river bank each evening to eat in one of the many restaurants. We became aware from talking to other guests that there are many interesting things to do locally, but we were happy to hang out at the hotel on our free days.

Reviewed on 06 Aug 2012 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

The canyoning part, definitely. Followed by a night by the river, with BBQ and nice chats. To wake up and enjoy a demanding, yet fun, rafting day.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Appropriate clothing and sport gear as temperatures can be quite high and activities quite challenging.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Yes I do, especially due to the local guide who loves his country and his doing his best to protect it against anything (garbage, mass tourism, incivilities...) which may alter it. He knows, cherishes, is proud of it and know how to share that with you.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

Excellent. The guide was great, the lodging perfect, the equipment (bikes, kayaks, ...) tip top. I will definitely speak high about it.

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