Catalan family activity vacation, Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Catalan family activity vacation, Spain


With regards to the environmental impact, all our guests are encourage to respect the local flora, fauna and wildlife and to act responsibly. They walk on designated paths and make sure no litter is left behind. We have books available for our guest that outline the wide variety of flora, fauna and wildlife in the area and the importance to preserve this fragile environment.

During the vacation our customers visit the Cap de Creus Nature Reserve, this nature reserve is the only one in Spain, which covers sea and land; it contains the largest uninhabited area in the Spanish Mediterranean. We visit the visitor centre there where the customers learn about the many on-going projects including the latest project to introduce seals back to the reserve.

All of our business waste is recycled where possible through a local community initiative. All communication via fax is done electronically where possible, saving on paper. We use recycled paper for all our literature. On arrival our guests are given information on recycling in this part of Spain. They are also given information in the form of a leaflet on how to minimize waste with an emphasis on limiting water consumption. Our accommodation provider on this vacation is a Rural Casa, they follow strict guidelines on recycling and the procurement of food for the accommodation.


Our family multi-activity vacation in Catalonia and tourism in general has benefited the local community here immensely, without tourism many of the local restaurants, hotels, guest houses and craft shops would not exist, all of which employ local staff and many of which buy local produce.

Many of the younger generation have also stayed due to the employment tourism brings to the community. In many other parts of Spain, village life has all but disappeared as the younger generation have moved away to gain employment in the major cities, so often tourism is the lifeblood of the community.

The accommodation is family owned and staffed by locals with their food being all sourced locally. Also all our activity providers employ local staff. We also believe our guests give a positive impact on the community. We encourage all our guests to interact with the local community, this gives both the guests and locals the chance to interact and embrace each other’s cultural differences.

In order to limit the social impact of tourism all are guests are sent information packs about the local customs, religion, politics and history. We encourage our guests to visit local craft shops and to buy any provisions locally and to try and interact with the local community.

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