Croatia rock climbing vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Croatia rock climbing vacation


Our days are spent walking, kayaking, rafting, climbing, hiking, cycling with local guides. On climbing tours it's all about respecting the nature. At each climbing crag our guides will set up bags for the garbage and together with the group try to leave no trace. We will visit local farms for lunches and dinners and help local families to keep the tradition alive: the tradition of living off the land together with the nature.

Each day you get a chence to see new part of Croatia, and all climbers know that the best view is from the top During this climbing trip you will get a chance to connect with most beautiful parts of Croatia and to see how local climbers in Croatia respect the cultural and geological story of the landscape. Huck Finn guides are included in preservation of the climbing areas in Croatia and we are educating local and foreign climbers to preserve the climbing areas togeather with its wildlife and nature.

We specialize in adventure and sustainable tourism and work closely with local communities and individuals throughout Croatia with whom we share mutual passion for the outdoors, adventure, sports and travel. On our trips we bike on paved roads only, walk and hike on existing paths and tell our guests not to feed, fish, hunt and disturb animals. In our office we minimize printing actions and recycle paper. We support the orphan bear shelter in Kutarevo.


This trip ensures that the local people benefit as much as possible in the form of jobs (we employ local guides and drivers) and provision of accommodation (we use family owned hotel or home stay with local family) most of all that negative environmental impacts are kept to the minimum. As a company we use local transfer services, buy food from the small farms and work on developing responsible waste management by stimulating waste recycle. By buying local products you are supporting this countries’ economy and helping Croatia to stand on her feet again!

We consider it our responsibility to lead efforts to maintain and preserve the integrity of this fledgling sector by petitioning the introduction of tighter controls over the use of the country's natural resources. As a company, we support the local community by building camps in partnership with local families, building bridges and access to the rivers. In order to preserve traventine barriers on Zrmanja River we have built a wooden detour bridges.

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