Orangutan conservation charity trek, Indonesia

AU $4655 including domestic flights only
17 Days
Small group
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From 7 - 10 people
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Each participant has a mandatory fundraising component of AUD$2,000 (minimum) per person which MUST be raised two weeks prior to the departure date.
This is seperate to the tour cost.
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Description of Orangutan conservation charity trek, Indonesia


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AU $4655 including domestic flights only
Each participant has a mandatory fundraising component of AUD$2,000 (minimum) per person which MUST be raised two weeks prior to the departure date.
This is seperate to the tour cost.
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The Indonesian island of Sumatra was the inspiration for Skull Island, home to the legendary movie monster King Kong. Not nearly so well-explored as m...
‘Orang-hutan’ means ‘person of the forest’, and this term was originally used to refer to forest dwelling humans as well as their shaggy, branch swing...

Vacation information

Dietary requirements:
Vegan and vegetarian meals and snacks can be provided on request, given at least 2 weeks notice. Additionally, our meals are not cooked in palm or vegetable oil.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We are completely dedicated to protecting the local environment and raising awareness of the conservation challenges facing Indonesia. In Sumatra, we support local projects such as the reforestation to both protect the environment and the wildlife that has already suffered. Part of your expedition goes toward an adoption of an Orangutan through 'The Orangutan Project'.

Guidelines such as :
As you trek through the forests, it is important to remember that you are entering the habitat of one of the rarest great ape species on earth. The population of Sumatran orangutans can generate from two different origins

1. Ex-captive individuals who have been rehabilitated and released in the forest. Captive and rehabilitation experiences often result in released rehabilitant orangutans not fearing humans and even expecting to interact with them.

2. Wild individuals, some of whom have become habituated to human presence, with the remaining being naïve (i.e. not used to people’s presence in their forest habitat).

Inappropriate behaviour by visitors may affect the behaviour and health of orangutans from both populations negatively, which places them at increased risk of becoming stressed, or the transfer of diseases. We will furnish you with appropriate guidelines so that you are able to see the orangutans at all locations in a way which is both safe for themselves and safe for the orangutans, whilst at the same time, experiencing a more natural, unique experience in the forest.


We attempt to involve as many people from the local Sumatran communities in our tours. We do not skimp on hiring plenty of local expertise and as such bring much needed funds into these communities. In turn, the local communities value protecting the environment due to the asset generating an income for local land owners. We use an abundance of family run hotels and family run transport companies to keep as many local people in employment as possible. These people all benefit from our tours.

In Sumatra, the pressure on local land holders by multinational companies is immense. Responsible tourism helps the local land holders to value their land and also protected the land from being leased to Palm Oil companies. Through your dollars spent wisely with local operators and guides, the value of the land is increased and as such land holders do not feel as pressured to sell off, for many, their only asset.

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