Tanzania wildlife safari, eyes on the Serengeti

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tanzania wildlife safari, eyes on the Serengeti


In order to enhance conservation of our environment we try as much as possible to limit the number of visitors entering a protected area, in fact our vehicles can only accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers and whenever we have a large group we divide clients into smaller groups before they visit a protected area.
Moreover, we do support local destination stakeholder’s efforts to address sustainability issues by making financial contributions to conservation and development projects.

Further to the information we give in the program, we have instructed our driver guides to give more information to our clients on the natural and cultural features of every place visited and the role they play in the conservation of local ecosystems particularly the endangered species.

The Camp at Lake Manyara was one of the pioneering eco lodes in Tanzania and has an active approach towards conserving the environment, they work hand in hand with the Masai communities to conserve some of the remaining wilderness in Tanzania.

Our Camp at the Serengeti supports different environment projects and has been very strong in conserving wildlife. One of the major successes has been to establish a very efficient anti-poaching unit.

Only a few lodges are permitted within the Ngorongoro Conservations Area – an area that is otherwise exclusively dedicated to the preservations of its wilderness and wildlife. In terms of its own ecological “foot” print the lodge abides by a code of responsible practice in relation to energy conservation (inverter systems to reduce the use of generators) waste recycling ( glass,plastics and the distribution of food-waste to local pig farmers) . Wherever possible, local produce is featured on the menus.

the lodge at Karatu strongly believes that long term conservations of wildlife in Africa will only be possible if the local people are directly involved in the project and directly benefit from them. As a result of this policy, they have established local joint ventures such as the creation of very efficient anti-poaching units.


First and foremost, in order to enhance the trickle- down effect of tourism benefits to the locals we have employed over 90% of our staff from the local community. Moreover, we receive most of our supplies from the local market and this has helped to keep both the small and big businesses in our environs alive.

We believe that it is important that tourism brings people together. Whenever possible we invite our clients to meet and interact with the local people in order for them to understand each other better. Moreover, we use local residents as guides so that tourists can get a more grounded perspective of an area and also learn local etiquette. This has motivated more and more tourists towards supporting various local projects besides facilitating a positive cultural exchange.

The camp at Lake Manyara actively works with the local community, ensuring that the communities themselves derive benefit from the resources they are custodians.

Our Camp at the Serengeti actively supports local schools and different community projects to improve the living conditions of the local people in the area they operate. The involvement of local people into their projects has made it a success. Your visit will support these efforts as a bed-night fee per guests goes straight to the benefit of the community. They have constructed several classrooms in the area, fully equipped a medical clinic, and installed a water pipe for the Highlands to Elerai Village.

Our lodge at the Ngorongoro actively supports the human community that surrounds the crater and employ most of their staff from the direct area. They also host several eco programs which support and sustain the natural and human community of which are a part: treeplanting projects/ support maasai women to sell their handcraft products at the lodge/ construct a teacher’s house , classrooms and desks at a local school/ support the Karatu orphanage centre .

The lodge at Karatu is very active in improving schooling conditions, and provide several villages with fresh water. A visit to the Njia Panda school at Karatu, which was rehabilitated with the contributions from the lodge’s clients would be an interesting experience. The lodge also promotes walking safaris with a visit to some of the local tribes like the Hadzabe, the Datoga or Barabaig which gives travelers an interesting cultural interaction.

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