Lake Como summits walking vacation, Italy

“A tailor made week long walking vacation around the mountains that envelop Lake Como. How many idylls can you pack into one itinerary? ”


Lake Como | Triangolo Lariano | Monte Palanzone | Pian di Nesso | Pian del Tivano | Monte San Primo | Bellagio | La Strada Regia | Nesso | Brunate

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This trip can be tailor made at a time to suit you and can be adapted to suit your interests, budget and requirements as necessary

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lake Como summits walking vacation, Italy


This walk starts off across the summits of the Triangolo Lariano and then proceeds along the path that initially formed the land route between the villages along the banks of the water, the Strada Regia. This path was restored as far as possible in 2004, thanks to the cooperation of various government organisations and the Società Archeologica Comense.

To enrich the experience of hiking along an ancient path, in the itinerary, we have included some background information about life on Lake Como during the different eras and facts about natural aspects such as plant life, wildlife, geology and morphology.

No one could deny that walking is the most environmentally friendly form of travel, encouraging close contact with the natural surroundings to such an extent that the walker cannot avoid feeling of growing respect for the surrounding countryside. Nevertheless, we encourage our clients to behave in such a way the impact on the natural environment is kept to a minimum.

An overnight stay at a farm will allow you discover life as the locals see it, living in close association with their natural environment.
Even in this day and age, farming in the mountains is still operated a small-scare affair and at this particularly farmstead, the owners firmly believe in organic farming. Try it, taste it, enjoy it.


The Triangolo Lariano has the most fantastic location, bordered on two sides by Lake Como, though the small town of Bellagio, sumptuously located at the tip of the lake and known as the pearl of the lake, is the only place where tourists are numerous. By including this walking tour in our series, we can contribute to the economy of the people who live just off the beaten track, out of reach of the tourists and who therefore usually miss out on the income generated by the visitors.

We know all the proprietors personally, and in many cases, they have become our friends, which means that a feeling of mutual responsibility has arisen; we try to send them as many clients as possible and they provide for our clients with the utmost care.

On this walk, you will be staying at small-scale family-run lodgings. The personal contact with the proprietors will enrich your memories of the region and, if the language differences will allow, they will be happy to regale you with their stories and have plenty of local information to share with you.

We do estimate the work of the owners of the accommodations and we make sure that we recompense this fairly.

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