Patagonia vacation, with options of self drive

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Patagonia vacation, with options of self drive


We only work with licensed ground operators who work with local guides, natural reserves and archaeological sites in the highlands and Amazon regions of Latin America.

Natural reserves will ask on a regular basis that visitor pay the admission fee, which in turn contributes towards maintaining the reserve, building new roads and hiring local staff who will look after the sites and wildlife. Also, if a trip includes visits to pre colonial sites, the fees paid to each archaeological site or museum go straight to developing projects.

Our community based experience brings benefits to the communities that are generally run by themselves and who work in partnership with local operators. As a small tour operator we encourage our customers to follow the guidelines of our travelers code of conduct, where we emphasize waste management and local consumption.

Our ground operators are aware of our interest in making sure water usage and waste management are of high standards. We encourage clients to give us feedback at their return or if they want when at destination, if our ground operators are not compliant with responsible practices.

We aim to use smaller quantities of printed marketing and communication materials, encouraging customers to order the online version of the catalogue and ensuring every experience we offer has enough information online.


When you decide to travel with us you will directly be contributing to local communities, and although most of our destinations need to be reached by air travel, you can decide to offset your carbon footprints.

We will put you in touch with local culture and so you are able to learn more about the area’s history, its way of life and how traditions have been maintained.
We also highly advice and recommend our customers to respect the archaeological sites, natural reserves and communities visited by avoiding wasting water, throwing litter or damaging the environment.

80% of our experiences include tours to local communities and the aim of each is to show their way of life and / or their local projects.

Our activity-based experiences, fitness and wellness vacations have a tailor made approach where we suggest and offer activities that will enable our customers to travel to rural areas where there will be an opportunity to learn about their needs and interact with local people. We aim to organize tailor made responsible tourism experiences by using our extensive local contacts and knowledge. We work directly with local operators, who have an emphasis of using locally produced goods.

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