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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Peru wellness and culture tours


We only work with licensed ground operators who work with local guides, natural reserves and archaeological sites in Peru. The entrance fees, are paid directly and the money is used to protect the environment and the up-keeping of the park.

We encourage off the beaten track routes, because we feel that the experience is more intense and genuine, and therefore enables our customers to connect with nature more, like on the Inca trails.

As a small tour operator we encourage our customers to follow the guidelines of our travelersí code of conduct, where we emphasise waste management and local consumption at destination.

We aim for the local tour guides to educate their clients to behave environmental sensitively, staying on the tracks, not picking flowers etc. Visitors will be reminded to take care of the historical and culturally important sites, e.g. Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley. This tremendously special nature experience should make guests aware how precious the environment is for all our well-being.

Although most of our destinations need to be reached by air travel, you can decide to offset your carbon footprints.
As we are aware of our environmental responsibility, we aim to utilise fewer printed marketing and communication materials, encouraging customers to order the online version of the catalogue and ensure every experience we offer has enough online information.


By traveling with us, you will be contributing to the local communities directly. Our community based experiences directly benefit the communities and are generally run by the communities themselves who work in partnership with local operators.

80% of our experiences include tours to local communities and the aim of each is to show the way of living of these communities or local projects. We will put you in touch with local cultures on many occasions. We ask you to respect the archaeological sites, natural reserves and the communities you will visit respecting the customs, engaging respectfully and minimising your personal impact on the environment (i.e. saving water, resources and not to litter).

We aim to organise tailor-made responsible tourism experiences in Peru using our extensive local contacts and knowledge, be it the local city tour guide in Lima or experience the Sacred Valley at different times of the day so you will have a crowd free experience. Local sourcing is an incredibly vital way of ensuring that tourist money benefits local communities. Guests have the chance to visit a local market in Lima as just one example of interacting with communities in the area. Not only does this mean that travelers take a much more authentic experience away, but there is economic support there for local people. We work directly with local operators, supporting the local economy by providing jobs. Furthermore we put an emphasis of using of locally produced ingredients in cooking meals.

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