Water adventures


Some people simply have to be around water on vacation. Just the sight of it makes them want to jump in immediately and, if they are deprived of acting upon that urge, they may actually explode. Call them water babies, water on the brain condition or aqua addicts, water is always calling. Thankfully, Responsible Travel shares the love, with lots of vacations that pander to this passion.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking vacation makers will always remember the first time they sat on the shore, tucked themselves into their boat and shimmied their way into the surf. It is like no other feeling. And then, after a few paddles you are out at sea, discovering a whole other world, and seeing countries like Croatia and Canada, Indonesia or Ireland from a whole new perspective. And with very few other people around. Kayaks rock and roll.

Scuba diving

Just like the myriad marine life that divers dream of, scuba diving vacations come in all shapes and sizes. Sardinia is limestone littoral loveliness, with caves and cliffs galore. Thailand and Belize have brilliant diving all year round, and both are top marine conservation vacation destinations too. The Red Sea is particularly good for families, and Greece is always gorgeous.


From tall ships in Devon to gülets in Turkey, sailing is not just a great way to vacation, spend time with family and friends and see marine wildlife, but also a way to connect with a country’s coastal culture. Sailing vacations also provide the perfect alternative to giant cruise liners that now dominate many precious seascapes. It’s not all bad on the oceans. For many, who are responsible, it is just plain sailing.

Other water sports

Multi-activity vacations nearly always have a water sport thrown into the energetic mix. White water rafting or kayaking, for example, is nearly always a feature in Croatia, Chile, USA and Canada’s national parks, Montenegro, Madagascar or Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. You can be in the desert one day in Morocco and surfing the next. Or combine savannah with surf in South Africa. Where there’s wind, there’s a way.
Photo credits: [Sea kayaking: barry-tuck] [Sailing: BlueOrange] [Kayaking in Alaska: Wildnerdpix] [Other watersports: EpicStockMedia]
Written by Catherine Mack
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