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Kudos to kayakers

Kayakers are always fun. They are littoral luvvies really, seeking a different perspective on life. Most people in life like to look out to sea, but kayakers take in the landscape and all its complexities from the water. If you haven’t kayaked before, Croatia is a top place to start.

Rafting is fresh

There is no shortage of sea kayaking in Croatia, but for total immersion in fresh water try white water rafting at one of their inland beauty spots. Not only will you escape the summer crowds, but you will be cooler in so many ways.

A pannier full of pleasure

If sea kayaking is the way to explore the coast, then swap paddle for pedal to explore Croatia’s relatively unknown interior. Head up into the wilds of the Gorski Kotar region, otherwise known as the green heart of Croatia, and you can spot bears, boar, butterflies or birds, depending on how fast you like to cycle.
And you don’t have to do it Tour de France style, although serious road cyclists love it here. There are plenty of guided cycling tours for those who like to cycle 50km in a day, rather than before breakfast. You won’t need too many energy bars either, as there are plenty of restaurants en route, with several companies offering tours that combine gastronomy and cycling.

Autumn is all about wine

Autumn is a great time to visit vineyards and sample the fine wines on offer, as this is the harvesting season. The weather is still mild, there are few tourists around, and you can stimulate your tastebuds and mood as you go. It is also the food harvest for many producers too, so markets are fecund and restaurants have the time to chat about their specialties and engage about their culture. And if you go for a guided tour that takes you from fine wine to fine food, you don’t have to worry about driving either. The vineyards stretch all the way to the north, so consider combining this with a Slovenian wine tasting tour too. And who can resist a two-for-one offer on wine?
Photo credits: [Rafting is fresh: ahenobarbus] [A pannier full of pleasure: SI-Ziga] [Autumn is all about wine: Franco Pecchio]
Written by Catherine Mack
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