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A family cycling vacation is a double whammy of wondrousness. First of all, everything is organised for you, so you donít need to spend hours taking bikes on and off bike carriers, or finding the safest route from A to B without heading into a load of trucks. Second, the joy that you get watching your children gain that sense of freedom is second to none. Remember the minute you took the stabilisers off and they confidently pedalled off, grinning ear to ear, the reins finally let go? Well, itís a bit of that, every day, in amazing landscapes. Ideally with the sea or a pool to jump into together at the end of the day too.
See our health and safety section for more details on how to cycle safely with your family.

Cycling vacation advice for families

responsible travel asks the experts

Andy Ross is a cycling vacation specialist at our partners Exodus Travels. He says:
"Cycling is a great family activity as long as the route is suitable. Avoid biting off more than you can chew; it is far more relaxing to keep distances manageable. It may also be sensible to choose a vacation that includes lots of other activities and places of interest, so it isnít purely about the cycling itself."
Andrew Straw, founder of our supplier Saddle Skedaddle leads lots of family cycling vacations, and gives good cycling vacation advice for families:
"Family cycling is a great way to get your kids away from sitting in front of the TV and if they have the manual dexterity with their fingers to play on an X-Box and eye to screen coordination then they will get a grip of the gears and be able to avoid the odd pothole in a jiffy. The trick is to slot in points of interest along the way as theyíll bore quickly, so if youíre doing something like the Hadrianís Cycleway then a few visits to Roman sites wonít go amiss, but not too many! A few challenges help things along too and thereís nothing they like better than beating mum or dad up a hill especially if the reward is a sticky bun or a multi-coloured gelato from some Italian piazza."
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Written by Catherine Mack
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Family cycling vacation in Kenya & Tanzania

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