About Gozo

Manuel Tabone
Manuel Tabone - Gozo tourism
"Our ambition for the future is to continue sharing special experiences with our guests." [02:11]

Jane Buttigieg
Jane Buttigieg - Gozo
"In Gozo you can get the friendliness of the people, good food, a quiet relaxed sort of vacation" [00:26]

Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri - Gozo
"I believe that Gozo is special because it offers something of everything in just 15km by 5km" [00:39]

Maria Mizzi
Maria Mizzi - Gozo
"If you want to come to Gozo for the peace and quiet Id recommend it every time and I wouldnt change it for the world." [00:49]

Mark Busutti
Mark Busutti - Gozo
"Its a great place to live and a great place to be its very laid back." [00:46]

Martin Merceaca
Martin Merceaca - Gozo
"I like Gozo a weeks vacation away is more then enough for me. The sea is is always close and I like it.." [00:24]

Rosina Tabone
Rosina Tabone - Gozo
"Maltese come here to relax because its so quiet. We like to have nice people here and we Gozitans are very friendly. Its like a big family." [00:47]

Places to stay in Gozo

Joe Muscat
Joe Muscat - Business & preserving character of Gozo
"Our members are conscious of the smallness of the island and we believe that the character of this island is its best selling point." [02:05]

Brian Meilaq
Brian Meilaq - Baron Group Ltd
"We are installing advanced systems on our properties from solar panels to waste water recycling to ensure that we have a minimum impact." [01:32]

Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri - Agro Tourism
Agritourism in Gozo is very nice in autumn and spring we urge our guests to get involved with agriculture to collect their own eggs for breakfast" [02:19]

Gozo culture

Joe Muscat
Joe Muscat - Gozo's authenticity
"Being islanders, it gives us a drive to see what nature gave us and turn it into something which makes our life more sustainable" [02:00]

Maria Mizzi
Maria Mizzi - Lace maker
"If you want to come to Gozo for the peace and quiet I’d recommend it every time and I wouldn’t change it for the world." [02:16]

Joe Xuereb
Joe Xuereb - Sculptor
"Our limestone has a wonderful honey colour which gives a warm atmosphere to all our buildings. It is also very easy to carve for it is so soft." [02:16]

Rupert Brook
Rupert Brook - Glass maker
"It’s a beautiful island with many attributes and it’s a close small society and people are proud of what they do." [01:35]

Father Gerard Buhagiar
Father Gerard Buhagiar - Religion
"Gozo is a small island yet we have 15 parishes – and for the people of each village the church is the most important building." [02:09]

Joseph Bezzina
Joseph Bezzina - Religion
"The internet and the bombardment we receive from all the television stations the people of Gozo still cherish what the church says." [06:40]

Gozo activities

Xavier Hancock
Xavier Hancock - activities in Gozo
"Gozo is a magical place. Its such a safe place and is so child friendly and theres always plenty to do - A great natural playground for all activities." [00:58]

Xavier Hancock
Xavier Hancock - cycling in Gozo
"...Gozo has got very technical riding, the average hill on the island is 1 in 4." [02:34]

Xavier Hancock
Xavier Hancock - kayaking in Gozo
"Gozo's coastline is absolutely magical...it offers a natural paradise for sea kayaking" [01:45

Xavier Hancock
Xavier Hancock - climbing in Gozo
"...it's still an undiscovered haven for climbers" [01:30]"

Xavier Hancock
Xavier Hancock - walking in Gozo
"...the best time for walking is during the Spring months when the flowers and the island is a lush green" [02:34]

Mark Busutti
Mark Busuttil - scuba diving in Gozo
"...good visability, lots of caves, tunnels, reefs - also very good for fish" [03:42]

Gozo food and drink

Philip Spiteri
Philip Spiteri - Restaurant owner
"We are on the right track by going back to the traditional ways and adapting them to the future. It looks very bright." [03:43]

Jane Buttigieg
Jane Buttigieg - Chef
"I make good Gozitan cuisine because I know my products are 100 percent fresh." [02:34]

Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri - Organic Food
"Everything is organic we're not using chemicals anymore." [02:46]

Martin Merceaca
Martin Merceaca - Fishing
"Here we have swordfish in the summer and tuna - bottom fish like lobsters and groupers, different kinds of fish." [01:54]

Rikardu Zammit
Rikardu Zammit - Vineyard owner & farmer
"Gozo is a jewel in the Mediterranean which we have to preserve for future generations." [02:53]

Rita Portelli
Rita Portelli - Baker
"We are very proud of our work because people always say we produce the typical Gozitan bread." [01:19]

Rosina Tabone
Rosina Tabone - Bar owner
"Maltese come here to relax because its so quiet. We like to have nice people here and we Gozitans are very friendly. Its like a big family." [01:57]

Carmel Debattista
Carmel Debattista - Bee keeping
"We produce very special honey here from more flowers than you can imagine So Gozitan honey has its own special and varied wild flavour." [01:51]

E Cini
Manuel Cini - Salt Pans
"I love this place its quiet and for me its like paradise on earth." [02:01]

Joseph Spiteri
Joseph Spiteri - Wine
"Our wine has good structure, round body and it's very very fruity." [02:29]

Gozo history and geography

Nicoline Sagona
Nicoline Sagona - The Ggantija Temples
"There is no parallel of such splendid type of architecture neither in Malta or anywhere else in the world." [07:26]

Nicoline Sagona
Nicoline Sagona - History of Gozo
"A very complex history yet each period has left us particular treasures which we today should be very proud of and look after for future generations." [06:35]

Salvu Vella
Salvu Vella - Comino
"You can think, you can do what you want Comino its fantastic." [00:58]

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