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Gozo has a vision to become an eco-island by 2020, supported by a keen and committed sustainable community. We want to see quality of life in Gozo improving further through education, economic development and social progress. Gozo will strive to reduce its carbon and water footprints. We want to protect the Gozitan lifestyle, the island’s environment, resources, culture and identity, and see that all these play a significant part in attracting more visitors and investors to the island.
Manuel Tabone
Manuel Tabone - Gozo tourism
"Our ambition for the future is to continue sharing special experiences with our guests." [02:11]

What is ECO-GOZO
Eco-Gozo is a concept which summarises Government’s vision for the future of this island. It is a vision which aims at transforming Gozo and Gozitan society into a sustainable reality in its wider sense – not only environmentally, but also socially and economically.

This is a new way of looking at Gozo and its future, banking on the island’s strengths and tapping its attractive potential for the benefit of the island’s inhabitants, its visitors and investors, so that all benefit from:
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  • A better quality of life
  • A society exerting less pressure on the environment
  • A wholesome natural and cultural environment
  • More sustainable jobs
  • A caring society for all
  • More quality investment
  • An enhancement of the island’s identity

    Eco-Gozo will provide the thrust so that together, we will ensure that every person will progress, while our island will become even more attractive to all. Action and change in many sectors will contribute to this aim, among which, agriculture, tourism, the environment, water management, education, energy, research, waste management, transport, cultural heritage and many others. Collectively, these make up our island’s, and indeed, our own identity. We will make change happen, in both small, everyday practices and significant issues or sectors. This way, we will improve our island and its product for the benefit of its inhabitants, its visitors and investors.

    Eco-Gozo provides an assurance for sustainable development in Gozo, and a continued success for our island in the future.

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