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Kayaking vacation in Indonesia

Kayaking vacation in Indonesia

Sea kayaking to some of the most remote beaches on earth
From US $2,150 10 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2017: 4 Jul, 17 Jul, 26 Jul, 5 Aug, 13 Aug, 22 Aug, 31 Aug, 9 Sep, 15 Sep, 27 Sep, 6 Oct, 15 Oct, 24 Oct, 2 Nov, 11 Nov
Your last chance to book a unique adventure of a lifetime in Indonesia this August, on our Komodo Sea Kayaking trip! There are 4 departure dates remaining for August - 5th August, 13th August, 22nd August and 31st August 2017
Orangutan conservation in Indonesia

Orangutan conservation in Indonesia

Assist orangutan conservation efforts in Indonesian Borneo
From £875 12 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2017: 9 Jul, 20 Jul, 9 Aug, 20 Aug, 9 Sep, 20 Sep, 9 Oct, 20 Oct, 9 Nov, 20 Nov, 9 Dec, 20 Dec
Get 10% off this incredible orangutan volunteering project at the International Animal Rescue Centre in Borneo if you travel between now and 20th September 2017!
Climb Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Climb Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Trek through a wonderful national park to the summit of Mount Rinjani
From US $1,450 9 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2017: 7 Jul, 5 Aug, 4 Sep, 3 Oct, 2 Nov
Your last chance to book an adventure of a lifetime in Indonesia this August, on our Climb Mt Rinjani trip! There is 1 departure date remaining for August 2017 - 5th August
    Kayaking vacation in Indonesia
    US $2,150
    excluding flights
    Absolutely fabulous (more)Hazel Perrett
    The vacation consisted of two parts, the first was sea kayaking around Komodo National park and the second part was trekking in the northern jungle of Sumatra. The main highlights included seeing Komodo Dragons, orangutans, elephant trekking, the scenery the people I meet and the landscapes. All made the vacation excellent. (more)Steve Bosworth
    Far too many to mention, but I'll have a go: sleeping on deserted beaches, a school of dolphins passing just in front of our kayak, seeing a shark while snorkelling, the sound of two very large komodo dragons running through the undergrowth in our direction, great food and an outstanding local guide. (more)Liz Kalton
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