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Small group vacations to Madagascar

Small group vacations to Madagascar

Experience the best of this enigmatic island continent
From £2,595 17 days ex flights
Small group travel: 2017: 27 Jul, 7 Sep, 12 Oct, 2 Nov
2018: 18 May, 21 Jun, 2 Aug, 6 Sep, 11 Oct
£100 off November small group tour
    Small group vacations to Madagascar
    excluding flights
    So many highlights. It was wonderful to see such a variety of lemurs, chameleons and other wildlife (including a fossa!)... It may have been the best trip of my life. (more)Lorena Sutherland
    An excellent vacation, one of my best for many years.... I shared the vacation with wonderful group of co-travelers, who all gelled and got along from day one. The nature and wildlife of Madagascar were fantastic, discovering new things and creatures on a daily basis. I would totally recommend this trip to any nature lover. (more)David Ward
    Wonderful tho' it was to see wildlife in natural habitate, the standout thing for me was the wonderful people I met and catching a glimpse into their customs and cultures. (more)Stephanie Diggon
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