Marine conservation activities

Live alongside the locals

The amount of involvement between volunteers and locals does vary from trip to trip, but generally will only be minimal if a project is very remote. One of the key markers of most successful marine conservation initiatives, therefore, is how well they work in the local community because if they’re not behind you, the chances are your goals will either be achieved only in the short term, or not achieved at all. Volunteers are encouraged to help out at after school clubs, put on sports days or run simple presentations illustrating what the conservation work they’re doing means for the local environment and how everyone can get involved.
Polly Alford, from our supplier ReefCI, explains how money from your trip filters through the local economy: “There is a strong interaction with the community and the local population are really behind what we do. I didn’t realise when I first started this how much of an impact we would have on the local community, but in Belize certainly, tourism is still developing in the area, so when our guests are on the mainland they’re helping – they’ll stay at local guesthouses, use local taxis, our fruit and vegetables are bought from the local markets, and our tour guides are local. From a community perspective, our trips are contributing, even from bringing in lionfish and selling that to local restaurants so that they then have that to sell on.”

Explore your underwater world

Diving isn’t just a useful marine conservation skill; it’s an incredible underwater freedom that allows you to be privy to all of fascinating, brightly coloured and simply beautiful secrets of the sea. You don’t need to be a diver to join a trip; if you stay for longer than a week you can complete an open water course during week one and then the underwater world is your oyster. Not sure if diving is your thing? Start with snorkelling, an easy and relaxing way to explore below the surface of the crystal blue water without feeling out of your comfort zone. You may be on vacation to help with a job, but it’s a job that involves one of the world’s most eye-opening activities, so grab your flippers and get stuck in whenever you can.

Our top Marine conservation Vacation

Marine conservation in Belize

Marine conservation in Belize

Help us protect coral reefs and marine ecosystems!

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You will get some free time on your conservation vacation; from an afternoon to an entire weekend - how you spend it is entirely up to you

Get out and about

Whether it’s spent strolling around a local craft market, joining a batik painting class, or grabbing a local guide and letting them lead you to the best live music, local beer and food, your free time will be precious so use it to experience something new.
Written by Polly Humphris
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