Things to do in Mongolia

Take a walk on the wild side
You can get beautifully lost in the layers of diverse Mongolian landscape that roll into one another; dusty path becomes grassy slope becomes distant peak, just as nature intended.
For most of the 20th century, Mongolia was isolated from the rest of the world and a sense of absolute remoteness still exists there today. If you love the outdoors, you’ll be in your element – desert, mountains, alpine lakes and grasslands all combine to create a true wilderness experience that’s like no other on Earth. Don’t confuse wilderness with wasteland though; Mongolia is far more than horses, grass and fresh air: its wide-open plains are home to towering sand dunes, magical ice canyons and flora and fauna that exist nowhere else – ingredients that suggest nothing but pure adventure. An untouched land makes for an unpolluted sky and as night falls over the spectacular Mongolian countryside the endless blue sky becomes a backdrop of bright stars: your personal lightshow to lie below and simply watch in awe.
Meet the Mongolians
Few places offer a more authentic cultural experience than Mongolia; throughout the country there is an unparalleled tradition of hospitality and of warmly receiving visitors passing through. Sharing a day in the life of a nomadic family will be an experience you will never forget, although discovering the unexpectedly cosmopolitan nightlife of Ulaanbaatar can be just as enlightening.
Channel your inner Genghis
Genghis Khan is a national hero and warrior training will transform you into a merciless, all-conquering fighting machine, just thankfully without all the killing and violence.
From the minute you’re decked out in a traditional ‘deel’ outfit, you will find the Genghis within and have a rip-roaring time galloping around learning to lasso, mastering the art of archery, picking up invaluable riding skills and discovering the secret’s behind the mighty warrior’s impenetrable battle strategies.

Our top Mongolia Vacation

Mongolia nomad horse riding vacation

Mongolia nomad horse riding vacation

Horseriding & staying with local Nomadic familes in Mongolia

From US $2300 to US $2550 9 days ex flights
Small group travel:
2023: 19 Aug, 26 Aug
2024: 24 Aug
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If you'd like to chat about Mongolia or need help finding a vacation to suit you we're very happy to help.
Stretch something else’s legs
The diversity of Mongolia’s landscapes means there are endless opportunities to get out and about to explore. Do as herders do and jump on horseback, the only form of transport for many nomads and by far the most leisurely way to trek across rushing rivers and steep mountainsides. You don’t need to be an equine expert - it’s likely you’ll start with a gentle trot over the sand dunes - but you’ll find yourself saddling up your steed and galloping off over the grasslands in no time.
And what about camels? Dismissed readily for being smelly, bad-tempered brutes, (which actually they are), they're also an incredible way to survey the sheer splendour of the Gobi Desert. If you prefer two legs to four, you can hike continuously for days in Mongolia up to altitudes of 3,000m and experience fascinating rural culture along the way.
Written by Polly Humphris
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