Photos we love

Photo credits: [Pink flowers in Moskenes: Robert Anders] [Fjord horse: Jon Olav Eikenes] [Standing on rock: Leo-seta] [Red hut with fish: Vincenzo Fileccia] [Boats, Lofoten islands: Victor Velez] [Snow wolf sculpture: Soldatnytt] [Boat house: The Torch] [Northern lights: Christer Olsen] [Puffins: Billy Idle] [Lighthouse: Steve Edney] [Fishing huts: Norman Miller] [Nærøyfjord: ] [Eagle: Martin de Lusenet] [Crystal clear waters: Kent Wang] [Lynx: Tom Bech] [Atlantic road: Marino Olivieri]
Written by Norman Miller
Photo credits: [Page banner: Iakov Kalinin]
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