Best for Water Conservation

This category was especially created to support the United Nations' International Year for Water Conservation.

Water conservation is a 'hot topic' in tourism because generally, tourists consume much more water than local residents and together with tourist facilities (e.g. hotels) they contribute to putting enormous pressure on destinations, especially where water is already scarce.

We thought it was time to address this important issue.

2013 winners

gold award: Chepu Adventures EcoLodge

Winner: Chepu Adventures EcoLodge, Chiloe island in Patagonia
Judges' reasons for winning: "One of Chepu Adventures EcoLodge's owners is an engineer and the eco-lodge uses only rain water in the bathrooms and kitchen, harvested from the roofs of the lodge and stored in a well and large water tanks. Chepu uses solar water heaters to provide hot water for showers and the kitchen; its electricity is provided by wind and solar energy. There is also a sophisticated shower control. The judges were particularly impressed by the way in which Chepu engages the visitor enabling them to monitor their own water consumption by providing them with computer-fed feedback on the amount of water they are using. If customers keep within their 'eco-limit' they can choose to have a tree planted in Patagonia or a reduction on their bill".

  • Chepu Adventures EcoLodge, Chiloe island in Patagonia
Highly Commended:
  • Chumbe Island Coral park, off Zanzibar/Tanzania

This category is new this year. Below are two past winners which reflect the aims of this category:

Previous winners

Written by Justin Francis
Photo credits: [Page banner: Chepu Adventures EcoLodge]