Easter in Maramures, Christmas in Bucovnia or Halloween vacations in Transylvania; if you're looking for the best time to go on a family vacation to Romania there's plenty more to choose from than summers spent by the Black Sea. As most tours are tailor made it's possible to go on a Romania family vacation throughout the year although, it has to be said, the summer and autumn half terms are the best time to visit, without the heat of Jul-Aug. If you are visiting in school summer vacations, though they’re best spent in the cool of the Carpathians. Find out more on our best time to visit Romania page.

Things to do on a family vacation in Romania

what to do, & what not to

Things to do on a Romania family vacation…

Getting out into the wilds of Romania on foot is one thing but exploring on two wheels or on the back of a horse is quite something else. The Carpathian Mountains, especially, offer active families a chance to try a wide range of adventurous activities with hikes into the Bucegi Mountains or cycling through Mount Tampa nature reserve just a couple of options that can be tailored into a tour.
As Romania has an increasing, and protected, population of wild wolves it would be rude not to take your family on a guided tracking trip into the Transylvanian wilderness. Though they are notoriously elusive, it is thrilling to glimpse early morning prints on the ground, or hear a tell tale cry as night begins to fall. Bears are also known to inhabit the wilds of Romania although you're much more likely to spot one in the excellent Libearty Bear Sanctuary.
If you're looking to expand on Saxon history or just learn about rural Romania in times gone by there's no better location than the open air exhibits in the national museum, just outside of Sibiu. If it's medieval history you're after then Sibiu itself will be right up your cobbled street with historic buildings and green parks showcasing traditional life in one of Romania's most charming cities.

Things not to do on a Romania family vacation…

Although Bucharest is beautiful and Brașov is blood-chilling, allegedly, try not to stick solely to cities when visiting Romania as a family. The countryside of Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramures make much better bases with horse drawn carts, fresh milk and cheese, and inspirational hillsides and woodlands, all adding up to an authentic experience that can be lacking from modern vacations.
Although Romania's Black Sea resorts and shaded interior woodlands are great for the summer, don't discount the winter or autumn for an altogether more atmospheric experience. Sleigh rides, snow shoe trails, ice caves and animal tracking will create a completely different impression on young travelers with warm soups, log fires and plum brandy certain to warm the cockles after a day spent outdoors.
Although tailor made family vacations in Romania let you create your own adventure, choosing to go it alone, without a guide or driver, is not something we'd recommend. You get a much deeper experience when accompanied by a local expert with wildlife spotting, language translation, and navigating pesky pot holes, a heck of a lot easier with someone who knows what they're doing.



The best time to visit Romania

Brett Smith, from our supplier Green World Vacations, shares his best time to visit Romania for families: “I'd recommend May, June or July if you're hoping to hike or horse ride through fields of wild flowers. Animals tend to be easiest to see, or hear - it's still possible to hear wolf cries at night in some regions – any time from April to October so this ties in quite nicely with school summer vacations. October onwards can get really cold and we don't recommend families travel in the deep countryside due to bad roads and equally bad weather conditions.”

Meet the Romanians

Brett Smith, Director of our supplier, Green World Vacations, tells us what families usually rave about on their return home from Romania: “Most of our families returning home from Romania are always touched by how kind and generous the local people have been towards themselves and their children. I've noticed it too, Romanians are always extremely welcoming.”

Family activities

Count Tibor Kalnoky, owner of our supplier Transylvania Vacation Accommodation, unveils a few of his favourite things for families to do in Romania: “Romania is certainly good for families. Kids love to explore the bat caves with torch lights, go for a swim in the volcano crater lake and drive out into the hills on horse-drawn carts. Or they can follow the tracks of wild animals in the winter snow – bear, wolf, lynx, boar and deer. Plus they can help milk cows in the village or help the blacksmith in his forge! It's like living in a fairytale.”

Tips on where to go

Brett Smith from Green World Vacations shares his recommendations for families visiting Romania: “Brașov, in Transylvania, makes a beautiful base for hiking, mountain biking and kayaking in some seriously stunning scenery. Places like Sinaia, the Bucegi Mountains, Bolboci Lake, Viscri and the hillsides around Poiana Brașov are also ideal for families looking to experience life outdoors. In fact all of the countryside in Transylvania is gorgeous with loads of medieval villages and untouched landscapes highlighting the traditional lifestyles and natural beauty of central Romania. We think the best age for children visiting Romania is 10 – 18 as they get to have an adventure but also appreciate a bit more of the cultural/historical elements too.”



At Responsible Travel, we think the best people to advise our travelers are often... other travelers. They always return from our tours with packing tips, weather reports, ideas about what to do - and opinions about what not to.

We have selected some of the most useful Romania family vacation tips that our guests have provided over the years to help you make the very most of your vacation – and the space inside your suitcase.
“Transylvania completely exceeded our expectations as a vacation destination. The friendliness of the local people was unique, everywhere we went we were warmly welcomed and the enthusiasm to share their way of life was inspiring. It was a privilege to have an insight into the sustainable and organic way of life of these communities. With 3 children (ages 8, 10 and 12) it's often difficult to find something for everyone but this trip delivered for both adults and children alike.” – Yvonne Welsh
“This was far and away the best family vacation we've had in years. Transylvania is a fascinating corner of the world neither my husband or I had ever been to. We enjoyed learning about the area from our guides whilst having the pleasure of watching our children run wild in sunshine and fresh air!” – David Smith
“Be careful what train you get on. There is an express train from Bucharest to Brasov, but there is also a slow 'personal' train. The signs are not very clear at the train station and it is very easy to get the wrong train. This local train has a lot of character. The carriages are like something out of the Harry Potter films and it takes a very scenic route. The problem is that your train ride becomes 5 hours as opposed to 2.5 hours, and there is no food on the train.” – Somayeh Moballeghi
“Amongst our vacation highlights were getting a feel for the rhythm of village life on a glorious spring morning in Biertan, taking an evening stroll alongside the locals in Brasov and making it to the top of the 1426 steps (my younger son counted) to see the view from Poienari Citadel. We went to Romania in spring and I would recommend going there at Easter (which is a little later in Romania than western Europe) as it is a major celebration. Autumn, as the leaves turn, sounds beautiful too. Romania is a fascinating country, that has stunning scenery, a rich history and people who are both forward looking and retain their traditions. I loved it... and so did my two boys.” – Jo Murray
“The scenery and architecture of the Transylvanian Alps are stunning. Very unspoilt with a huge diversity of plant and insect life. I was very interested in the agriculture, two of our guides grew up on farms and were happy to explain the methods used and acted as interpreters for me when I had some questions for a shepherd we met in the mountains. My son loved the cycling, there are some very good cycle paths which were quite challenging but not impossible. My husband loved the recent political history which all of our guides were happy to talk about.” – Sara Wood
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Written by Chris Owen
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