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Responsible Travel would like to thank the Sarawak tourist board for their sponsorship of this guide
Photo credits: [Orchid: mcgarrett88] [Boat trips on the Batang Ai: snowflakegirl] [Dramatic skies: Jeric Santiago] [Baby orangutan: Paul] [Incredible wildlife (Pit Viper): Luke Price] [Iban culture: Dan K] ["Monkey cup" - Pitcher plant: Richard W Sinyem] [Kuching : Dustin Iskandar] [Longhouse villages: Peter Gronemann] [Colourful cuisine:] [Girl and cat: tajai] [Bako National Park: amrufm] [Sarawak State Museum: Ishak] [South China Sea: Rod Waddington] [Look out: Intrepid Navigator]
Written by Polly Humphris
Photo credits: [Page banner: charles taylor]
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