Small group walking vacations


It can sometimes be a hard sell persuading children to go on a walking vacation. However, throw in a safari camp, a donkey to carry your bags, a mountain yurt or a swim at the end of each day and they start to warm to the idea. And if you get a walking guide who knows exactly how to get young people interested in landscape, wildlife and all the natural adventures that await, your vacation is made. It takes the pressure off a family to walk as a group too, as the children often make new pals, leaving adults to walk in much needed peace for a while too. Small group walking vacations are also perfect for mixed generational groups and single parents.

Walking vacation advice for families


Jonny Bealby, founder of our leading supplier Wild Frontiers, gives his advice on small group walking vacations for families: Donít overstretch yourself on a family walking vacation, especially in remote parts of the world. Some children are great and can walk as far as the parents can, depending on age of course. But in general, it is better from a safety point of view to aim low and achieve, than aim high and not achieve. Because not achieving, in some of these places, can cause you some quite serious problems.
Melanie McAnaw, walking vacation expert from our supplier, Headwater: We would recommend our single center vacations for families. These are great because youíre based in one hotel and can enjoy lots of other activities as well as the great walking routes. Or go for a combination activity vacation, such as our Dordogne or Austrian vacations,that combine walking with cycling and canoeing.
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Written by Catherine Mack
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