Photos we love

Photo credits: [Delicious seafood: Norman Miller] [Wild strawberries: Johan Hansson] [Long summer evenings (landscape: Martin Lindstrom] [Spring has sprung: Tommie Hansen] [Colourful cuisine: Lisa Widerberg] [Snow kissed forests (landscape): Marcus Hansson] [Deserted pier: Tommie Hansen] [Over the hills: Kitty Terwolbeck] [Bird's eye view: Kitty Terwolbeck] [Beach huts at Skanor: Norman Miller] [Wild swimming: Victor Roa] [Frosted flowers: Emil_95] [Beach days (landscape): Patrik Jones] [Peckish reindeer : NORDIC/COLD] [Exploring the waterways: Tero Laakso] [Low winter sun: Caroline Bennett]
Written by Norman Miller
Photo credits: [Page banner: Mikael Sundberg]
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