Valencia Region podcasts

Listen to local people talk about their island in our podcasts, and take a look at our photos and videos too.

About Valencia podcasts

Juan Munoz
Juan Muñoz - Manager regional tourist board
"It’s an area of great variety – from the beaches and clean seas of the coast to the untouched pristine interior" [04:18]

Johnny Robinson
Johnny Robinson - Owner, Caserío del Mirador, Jalón
"The people here love children and you can go anywhere with your kids – to restaurants and cafes – it’s wonderful if you want to be together." [03:24]

Enrique Sylvestre
Enrique Silvestre - Major of Chulilla
"One hour inland from Valencia you will find the real Spain – where the real traditional life still exists." [02:24]

Activities in Valencia podcasts

Tato Brunet
Tato Brunet - Owner of Las Antipodas Water Sports Centre Calpe
"The great thing about this area is that you can spend a great day in the water – and also go mountain, biking or trekking" [02:54]

Podcast images
Pedro Pons - Former World Champion Boulderer and climber
"When you’re climbing in Chulilla, with the River Turia below your feet it is an incredible sensation – you really have to try it." [02:29]

Gary and Sarah Neal
Gary Neal - Mountain biker Mañana Mountain
"It’s an ideal place for mountain bikers from the rooky riders cutting their teeth right through to more experienced riders who want some triple x." [02:51]

Elizabeth Hoye
Elizabeth Hoy - Shires La Serranía
"Come into the mountain areas of the Mediterranean to go on a ride in the dray with horses on a lovely afternoon - it’s just like going back into history." [03:09]

Brian Fagg
Brian Fagg - Director of Mountain Walks Alicante Province
"Valencia offers such a wide scope for walking with beautiful countryside full of interesting history and plantlife." [04:55]

Food and drink in Valencia podcasts

Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia - Manager of the Casa Montaña Bodega, Valencia
"This Mediterranean area has a strong gastronomical heritage – we are you could say a sustainable restaurant in a sustainable region." [03:08]

Caroline Pateman
Caroline Pateman - Wine maker in Jalon
"wines of this area are good because they try to keep the essence and the body of the original war of making the wines." [02:57]

Places to stay in Valencia podcasts

Willelm Pieffers
Willelm Pieffers - Casa Rural owner in the province of Alicante
"You can walk for hours and not see a soul – enjoying the typical Valencian countryside and the quietness and the remoteness." [02:52]

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