Fly less

Since 2001 we've been proud to offer vacations from which travelers, local places and people all benefit.

However, air travelís contribution to global heating goes on increasing....

Other travel companies will tell you they've squared this off via carbon offsets, or clever carbon accounting and you can fly guilt free. We stopped believing this in 2009.

The inescapable truth for us is that we need to fly less. We suggest:

• Taking fewer but longer vacations that include flights.

• Swap flights for rail travel and trips closer to home.
And when you do fly 'make it count' by choosing a trip that supports nature and local people.

See our film here >

What are we doing to reduce carbon?

Flight free vacations & rail vacations

180 vacations and growing

Human powered in destinations

Walking, cycling, kayaking & swimming vacations

Phasing out internal jet flights

Of less than an hour by 2022

Accommodations using renewable energy

Vacations with plant based menus

Reduces carbon and saves nature

New industry wide solutions

Lobbying for a Green Flying Duty and supporting the Jet Zero Council

Fly less
Written by Justin Francis