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A Manifesto for the Future of Tourism

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Tourism is out of control. We think the industry has reached the fork in the road: there are two choices. Either we come together to tame tourism into a force for good or we continue further into a global crisis.

There is nothing currently in existence that adequately brings together in one place serious ideas, actions and solutions on most of the problems that the tourism industry is both responsible for, and is facing.

Our manifesto contains 14 chapters dedicated to global issues in which tourism plays a massive part.

The way forward

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We think tourism can be fixed. We have lots of ideas at Responsible Travel, but not all the answers. We've enlisted the help of experts for each chapter. This is a work in progress - there will be amendments. But that's really the point.

The Fork in the Road: A Manifesto for the Future of Tourism

We're releasing each topic as they're completed - click on a chapter to learn more.
Aviation and the climate crisis
Accessible tourism
Children's issues - coming soon
Overtourism - coming soon
Social media - coming soon
Cruises - coming soon
Water - coming soon
Wildlife - coming soon
LGBT+ - coming soon
Local communities - coming soon
Plastics - coming soon
Modern slavery and workers' rights - coming soon
Women's issues - coming soon
Animal welfare - coming soon

What can you do?

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Use the action points in each chapter to help make changes
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Your feedback and ideas

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Written by Justin Francis