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Guyanas adventure vacation, off the beaten track

It takes a real South America expert to take on the challenge of organising a vacation in these countries. Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are well off the beaten track even for the most intrepid travelers, but this small group Guyanas adventure vacation allows you to experience jungle wildernesses, hidden waterfalls, indigenous villages and cto ross multiple, remote borders without having to worry about any of the crazy logistics. Walk through the rainforest to visit Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, one of the most powerful cascades in the world, tucked deep into the Amazon. Take a canopy walk to get up closer to the jungle wildlife and rainbow of bird species, and cross the vast savannah, ...Read more >
From £4,800 excluding flights

Small group adventure vacation to Patagonia

This incredible three-week Patagonia tour encapsulates all of the region's stunning natural highlights including the dynamic landscapes of Chile and Argentina which make trekking in Patagonia such a unique and never to be forgotten experience. From the amazing wealth of wildlife to the rich diversity of human communities, this Patagonia adventure incorporates the very best of both South American countries with several chances to compare and contrast southern Chile and Argentina over the course of three weeks. Rolling hillsides, granite precipices and snowy volcanic summits will often feature as a sublime canvas for Patagonia trekking tours with Torres del Paine, Los Glaciares and Tierra ...Read more >
From £4,900 excluding flights

Rio to Iguazu Falls tour in Brazil

Occupying half of South America, Brazil is the most biodiverse country in the world, with the Amazon rainforest, wildlife-rich wetlands, tropical coastline and epic waterfalls. It also boasts cosmopolitan cities and pretty colonial towns, displaying its cultural as well as its natural wealth. Given the country’s vast size, it can be challenging to cover much terrain on a short vacation, but this small group, Rio to Iguazu Falls tour in Brazil uses internal flights, private transport and a particularly well planned itinerary to ensure you discover as much as possible in just 12 days, without feeling rushed. Your Brazil vacation starts in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s most dramatically ...Read more >
From £3,602 excluding flights

South America tour, coast to coast

South America is a huge and diverse continent – and this South America coast to coast tour introduces you to its incredible variety of landscapes, cultures and experiences in just three weeks. Traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, you’ll start out on laid-back, white-sand beaches and pass through dense forests before ascending into the Andes, where the bleakness of the Altiplano is breathtaking. The contrast between the tropical coast and the ice-capped Andean peaks is matched only by the contrast in cultures: cosmopolitan Rio, quaint colonial architecture, ancient Inca temples and modern Aymara markets spanning influences from Africa, Europe and the Andes. This South America ...Read more >
From £4,226 excluding flights

Arequipa to Machu Picchu Peru tour

Peru is a huge and widely varied country, encompassing three of South America’s most dramatic natural landscapes: the Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain range and the desert. This three-week, Arequipa to Machu Picchu Peru tour leaves plenty of time to explore each of these incredible ecosystems, whilst discovering Peru’s legendary Inca past. The colonial city of Arequipa, with its pearl-white architecture and flower-filled plazas, gives way to the desolate high plains and an extinct volcano leading up to the Colca Canyon – one of the best places in the world for spotting the magnificent condor. The Peruvian Andes are dotted with tiny Quechua villages where the lifestyle has changed ...Read more >
From £3,818 excluding flights

Patagonia highlights vacation

Patagonia’s stark beauty attracts many travelers to what truly feels like the end of the world. Its haunting landscape sare at the mercy of wild weather, and its wildlife roams free across the steppe, in the southern reaches of the Andes and in the narrow fjords of the fragmented shoreline. This escorted, small group Patagonia highlights vacation takes in this vast region’s key natural sites, as well as giving quite a different glimpse of Chile and Argentina with days at either end of the tour spent exploring the cosmopolitan cities of Santiago and Buenos Aires. Your adventure begins in Santiago, hemmed in by the Andes. Explore Pablo Neruda’s house-turned-museum, whose evocative poetry ...Read more >
From £4,936 excluding flights

Nicaragua adventure vacation

This group vacation will be a real adventure: we’ll be traveling by road and by boat across the country, arriving at remote, hard-to-reach destinations where we’ll be flung back in time. We’ll meet back-water rural and riparian communities, discover once wealthy Spanish colonial towns and clamber over a monumental frontier fort. We’ll gasp at the plethora of exotic wildlife on the fringes of Lake Nicaragua, gaze up at the crater of a sizzling volcano, and stroll on the sands of a folksy, English-speaking Caribbean Island. You’ll hardly believe how a country of such variety and richness can be so little-visited. Nicaragua, much loved at Journey Latin America, is one of the few remaining ...Read more >
From £3,430 excluding flights

Southern Peru small group tour

The Inca heartland of southern Peru is an atmospheric blend of rugged Andean landscapes, pretty colonial towns, ancient fortresses and vibrant Quechua markets, bursting with colour and chatter. This small group tour of southern Peru reveals the region’s cultural and natural highlights, from the gleaming white city of Arequipa, with its volcanic stone walls, to the condors that glide overhead at Colca Canyon. Voyage to the immense Lake Titicaca, which straddles the Bolivian border, and sail to the floating reed islands still inhabited by Aymara communities. Continue on to Cusco, the imperial city of the Incas, where intricate stonework combines with colonial charm. From here, you can take ...Read more >
From £4,042 excluding flights

Peru and Galapagos vacation

Taking a two week vacation to South America can feel like a compromise; how do you choose between its phenomenal wealth of cultural and natural highlights, without feeling like you’ve missed out? This small group, Peru and Galapagos vacation is one solution – giving you plenty of time to explore the Incan wonders of Peru before flying 1,000km offshore to the Galapagos Islands, to encounter volcanic landscapes and a wealth of wildlife. Your tour leader will take care of all the logistics, with specialist guides joining you along the way to share the secrets of Peru and Ecuador’s most impressive cultural and natural highlights. Internal flights ensure you cover more ground in less time, as you ...Read more >
From £6,592 excluding flights

Patagonia small group vacation, off the beaten track

This Patagonia small group vacation takes you off the beaten track to the region of Aisén. This is one of the most beautiful areas of Latin America, but Aisén’s remote location in Chilean Patagonia means it’s rarely visited. Aisén lies between the enduringly popular volcanic Lake District to the north, and Torres del Paine with its impressive peaks and blue glaciers to the south. This 15-day adventure explores this remote region, discovering a remarkable wilderness of evergreen rainforest, glaciers and sweeping open valleys with views of snow capped mountains. Until relatively recently, it was quite challenging to find comfortable transport and decent accommodation in this isolated part of ...Read more >
From £4,014 excluding flights

Peru highlights vacation, 10 days

From seeing alpacas to reaching Machu Picchu, Peru is on a lot of bucket lists. You can visit all the country’s ultimate highlights on this 10-day tour in a small group. Flying from Lima you’ll see traces of the Incas in Cusco, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in preparation for visiting a world-famous Inca highlight: Machu Picchu, the breath-taking ruined city on an Andean peak. You wouldn’t think much could top touring this amazing archaeological site. Think again. From Cusco you’ll drive high up into the Andes, to reach the shores of the sacred high-altitude Lake Titicaca. You’ll travel by boat across to the unique Uros Islands, floating islands made from reeds, where the Uros ...Read more >
From £2,684 excluding flights

Peru vacation, culture of the Northern Andes

The north of Peru is much less visited than the south, but travelers with a sense of adventure and a love of discovery will relish this 14 day Peru vacation in the northern Andes, exploring the region’s culture, archaeological treasures and spectacular landscapes. Meet friendly, welcoming people as you travel and with each day you’ll learn more about the culture and life of this remote region, which has changed little in decades. Things are a little rougher around the edges in the north, so traveling around the area involves some long road journeys, but this is a chance to really discover authentic South America. This journey takes you all the way from Lima to the vibrant and extremely ...Read more >
From £3,100 excluding flights

Tour of Argentina

This 12-day, small group tour of Argentina includes two days in Chile as you start your trip in the Chilean capital of Santiago. This 500 year old colonial city sits on a wide plain with a magnificent Andean backdrop. You will spend a night here, with plenty of time to enjoy a guided tour of this fine city. Next up is coastal Valparaiso, Chile’s second city, and worth the day trip before hitting the more remote spots of northern Argentina. We then take one of four internal flights on this trip into Mendoza in Argentina, located in an extraordinary setting where desert meets the Andes. It is home to equally extraordinary vineyards and visits to wineries are very much on the cards here. More ...Read more >
From £3,484 excluding flights

Patagonian adventure vacation in Chile and Argentina

This Patagonia adventure vacation in Chile and Argentina takes you to a diverse and beautiful region with a unique culture little touched by the outside world. Travel to the island of Chiloé, a place of rural traditions, myths and folklore, and home to 16 beautiful wooden churches, which are all protected by UNESCO. From here, you will head to Chilean Patagonia’s deep south, the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park, a place of soaring peaks, azure lakes and vast, windswept pampas. You will have the chance to explore the natural wonders of this very special part of the continent. Take a boat ride to see colonies of Humboldt and Magellanic penguins, cross the Patagonian steppe where ...Read more >
From £3,544 excluding flights

Belize and Guatemala adventure vacation

This small group vacation gives you two weeks in Belize and Guatemala – next-door neighbours that span the width of Central America. You’re in good hands the whole way around, thanks to an expert guide who’ll lead you to ex-Spanish cities and rainforest hideaways. Out west in Guatemala, you’ll explore Antigua, the one-time capital – cobbled streets and smoking volcanic backdrop included. You’ll find more peaks in volcano-ringed Lake Atitlan and Tikal, a vast Mayan city with pyramids and temples that peek out of the rainforest. Dive deeper into the rainforest as you travel across the Belize border. A jungle lodge at Chaa Creek will be your base for a couple of nights, where you can canoe ...Read more >
From £3,102 excluding flights

Ecuador highlands tour & Galapagos cruise

With all the fuss surrounding the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador’s mainland is so often ignored. If you are traveling all this way to see the Galapagos, it is more than worth spending a week exploring the incredible Andean landscapes and rich, Quichua culture before jetting west for an island cruise. This Ecuador highlands tour and Galapagos cruise combines both seamlessly, as part of a guided, small group tour. Ecuador is one of South America’s smallest countries, surrounded by veritable giants, but its biodiversity is astonishing, and makes a delightful snow-capped contrast to the Galapagos’s dark volcanoes. Your journey begins in the UNESCO-rated capital of Quito, brimming with beautifully ...Read more >
From £7,634 excluding flights

Peru, Bolivia & Chile vacation

This 18-day, Peru, Bolivia and Chile vacation is an adventure through some of the most dramatic landscapes these three countries have to offer. Using a mixture of comfortable, private and public transport, plus three internal flights to cover the mountainous heartland of the Andes, we cover a lot of ground on this trip. Your adventure starts in Lima. After a guided tour and a night in this magnificent capital, we take a domestic flight to Cusco. Cusco was capital of the Inca Empire and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only for its rich Quechua culture but because it is also gateway to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Taking the famous train journey up to Machu Picchu from Cusco is a ...Read more >
From £5,424 excluding flights

South America vacation, small group tour

This extended coast-to-coast spectacular takes in some of the continent’s most extraordinary and contrasting sites: exotic Rio de Janeiro, hemmed in by forested mountains and white-sand beaches; the thunderous falls at Iguazú; the sophistication of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires; the traditional, long-lasting indigenous culture of Bolivia; peerless Inca architecture in Cusco, Peru; the Lost City of Machu Picchu; and the shimmering waters of Lake Titicaca, fringed by snow-capped Andean peaks.  This comprehensive and comfortable trip introduces you to South America’s fascinating history and gives an insight into contemporary culture and ways of life. Read more >
From £5,658 excluding flights

Patagonia and Brazil adventure vacation

This South American vacation introduces you to chaotic Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago – but also retreats to Patagonia, where wide-open lakes and glaciers piece together Torres del Paine National Park. You’ll start your adventure in Rio de Janeiro. A walking tour will get you acclimatised to a chaotic city squished between the South Atlantic and the mountains. You’ll get free time to explore the chic streets of Buenos Aires. Santiago is another beauty – think panoramic parks and plenty of pavement cafés. But the real scene-stealers are down south. The Chilean lake district lays out snowy mountains and bright blue lakes. And you’ll go glamping in Patagonia – your base for boat ...Read more >
From £7,044 excluding flights

Small group tours to Chile

City, lakes, islands and glaciers – this small group vacation to Chile captures practically every angle of the country’s south in two weeks. You’ll start off in the twin cities of Santiago and Valparaiso. The former is all colonial architecture and panoramic parks; the latter is a hilly sea port. It’d be rude not to pop by the Chilean vineyards outside Santiago, too. Outside the cities, you’ll delve into the Atacama desert and bright turquoise Lake Miscanti. You’ll get a few nights in Torres del Paine National Park, too – the poster child of Chile’s glacier-carved south. Chile is a country of epic proportions, so expect a few domestic flights and road trips thrown in along the way – along ...Read more >
From £5,820 excluding flights
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