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South America tour, coast to coast

South America is a huge and diverse continent – and this South America coast to coast tour introduces you to its incredible variety of landscapes, cultures and experiences in just three weeks. Traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, you’ll start out on laid-back, white-sand beaches and pass through dense forests before ascending into the Andes, where the bleakness of the Altiplano is breathtaking. The contrast between the tropical coast and the ice-capped Andean peaks is matched only by the contrast in cultures: cosmopolitan Rio, quaint colonial architecture, ancient Inca temples and modern Aymara markets spanning influences from Africa, Europe and the Andes. This South America ...Read more >
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Guyanas adventure vacation, off the beaten track

It takes a real South America expert to take on the challenge of organising a vacation in these countries. Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are well off the beaten track even for the most intrepid travelers, but this small group Guyanas adventure vacation allows you to experience jungle wildernesses, hidden waterfalls, indigenous villages and cto ross multiple, remote borders without having to worry about any of the crazy logistics. Walk through the rainforest to visit Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, one of the most powerful cascades in the world, tucked deep into the Amazon. Take a canopy walk to get up closer to the jungle wildlife and rainbow of bird species, and cross the vast savannah, ...Read more >
From £3,692 excluding flights

Mexico bespoke vacation, Cultural Heartlands and Caribbean Coast

This Mexico bespoke vacation takes you from the cultural heartlands of the Maya and Aztecs and onto the Caribbean coast, in just two weeks. You can book this fully customisable vacation on the dates that suit you, altering the itinerary as you wish, and safe in the knowledge that local representatives and guides will meet you at points of interest along the way to share their knowledge of Mexico’s rich cultural and natural history and ensure everything goes to plan. You’ll start in Mexico City, an urban sprawl of over 20 million people. It may seem like a thoroughly modern capital, but “DF” was once Tenochtitlan, the 14th century capital of the Aztec Empire, as the nearby site of Teotihuacán ...Read more >
From £2,710 excluding flights

Small group adventure vacation to Patagonia

This incredible three-week Patagonia tour encapsulates all of the region's stunning natural highlights including the dynamic landscapes of Chile and Argentina which make trekking in Patagonia such a unique and never to be forgotten experience. From the amazing wealth of wildlife to the rich diversity of human communities, this Patagonia adventure incorporates the very best of both South American countries with several chances to compare and contrast southern Chile and Argentina over the course of three weeks. Rolling hillsides, granite precipices and snowy volcanic summits will often feature as a sublime canvas for Patagonia trekking tours with Torres del Paine, Los Glaciares and Tierra ...Read more >
From £4,253 excluding flights

Brazil tailor made highlights vacation

This Brazil tailor made highlights vacation takes in many of the vast country’s natural and cultural attractions. Starting in Rio de Janeiro and ending in Salvador da Bahia, you will have guided tours of Rio to see the famous landmarks with a couple of days to enjoy this sensual and fun loving city. Taking your first of several internal flights, head north to Foz do Iguaçu, where you will get a guided tour on the Brazilian side of Iguaçu Falls, one of the most spectacular cascades in the world. As you will discover on this trip, each region of Brazil has its own traditions, art forms and cultural heritage, as well as myriad culinary styles. The landscapes vary greatly, too, exemplified ...Read more >
From £4,500 excluding flights

Tailor made vacation to Brazil

This nine-day, tailor made vacation to Brazil is all about the capital and the coast. Starting in Rio, one of the most effervescent and colourful cities in Latin America, take a couple of days to explore the myriad sites of mountains, coast and culture. The rest of this itinerary focuses around Brazil’s famous Emerald Coast, or Costa Verde, which you access by private transfer, shared with other guests, driving down this wonderful coastline where the mountains cling to the shores. Your first stop is Paraty, a bohemian, beach loving town with colonial architecture and plenty of charm. From here you can also take a half day cruise on a schooner to take in views of the coastline and just ...Read more >
From £1,250 excluding flights

Patagonia tailor made vacation, 14 days

One of South America’s top highlights, Patagonia is a huge and untamed wilderness stretching across southern Chile and Argentina; and this 14 day tailor made vacation will help you get to grips with both this incredible landscape and the people who live there. Starting your trip in Santiago, Chile, you’ll spend time enjoying the bright lights of the big city, and taking in the wine lands of the nearby Maipo Valley, before plunging into the raw landscape beyond. Highlights include walking and swimming in the Chilean Lake District; exploring hiking trails and sleeping in fixed dome tents at a well-regarded eco camp in the dramatic Torres del Paine National Park; marvelling at the thundering ...Read more >
From £3,046 excluding flights

Rio to Iguazu Falls tour in Brazil

Occupying half of South America, Brazil is the most biodiverse country in the world, with the Amazon rainforest, wildlife-rich wetlands, tropical coastline and epic waterfalls. It also boasts cosmopolitan cities and pretty colonial towns, displaying its cultural as well as its natural wealth. Given the country’s vast size, it can be challenging to cover much terrain on a short vacation, but this small group, Rio to Iguazu Falls tour in Brazil uses internal flights, private transport and a particularly well planned itinerary to ensure you discover as much as possible in just 12 days, without feeling rushed. Your Brazil vacation starts in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s most dramatically ...Read more >
From £2,964 excluding flights

Costa Rica vacation, tailor made

This Costa Rica vacation is tailor made, but manages to remain affordable thanks to the use of modern, shared minibuses between each of the country’s natural highlights. This is a great way to tour the key highlights – beginning in Tortuguero, named after the green turtles that nest on its Caribbean shoreline, but whose protected rainforests also shelter sloths, otters, caimans and several species of monkey. Your eco lodge here has its own private canal, and the jungle wildlife is best spotted during gentle, early morning boat tours. By night, observe turtles laying their eggs on the moonlit beaches during the nesting season. Next you’ll take a shuttle bus to Monteverde, via San José. This ...Read more >
From £1,510 excluding flights

Chile vacation, Atacama Desert to Patagonia Glaciers

Covering this many natural and cultural wonders on a Chile vacation is no mean feat, but this carefully crafted, two-week itinerary is our suggested route for those seeking a tailor made overview of this vast country. We start in the capital, Santiago, and after a guided tour of this magnificent colonial capital with its Andean backdrop, we use internal flights to head north to the contrasting Atacama Desert. Natural wonders that await in this arid region include Moon Valley and the Salar de Atacama salt flats. These extremes are typical of Chile’s dramatically beautiful landscapes. Another example is the El Tatio geyser field in the Andes Mountains also up in the north, and the highest ...Read more >
From £4,440 excluding flights

Honduras tailor made vacation

Little-visited, and all the better for it, Honduras is a hidden paradise of culture, adventure and mesmerising scenery, which you’ll explore on this thrilling tailormade vacation. The largest country in Central America, fairly undeveloped yet friendly, welcoming and relaxed, is home to Roatán Island, among the finest diving sites in the world, Copán, one of the best-preserved archaeological sites of the Mayan Empire, and a famed lodge and spa in Pico Bonito National Park, where you’ll stay amid jungle teeming with exotic wildlife. If Honduras has never piqued your interest before, prepare to have your mind changed by this itinerary. You’ll visit quaint colonial towns, tour aromatic coffee ...Read more >
From £2,020 excluding flights

Costa Rica wildlife vacation, private depature

On this Costa Rica wildlife vacation you’ll enjoy a private, tailor made tour of a country that’s rich in natural beauty. This is one of the best countries in the world for wildlife watching with a strong dedication to conservation and eco-tourism, which has allowed the incredible diversity of species to thrive. This trip will immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s incredible landscapes, through visits to the country’s national parks and wilderness trails, all of which are easily accessible. Highlights of your journey will include time exploring the Tortuguero National Park, where you’ll travel through thick jungle and mangroves; Bosque de Paz cloud forest reserve, which has a rich and diverse ...Read more >
From £4,350 excluding flights

Active Cuba vacation, tailor made

Most activities in Cuba are done at a slow pace: there aren’t many cars on the road; cycling and walking are the principal ways of getting around for the patient, laid-back population. This private vacation takes you to the highlights of the scenic western half of the island, which you will be exploring at a similar leisurely speed. The activities are gentle, by no means hard-core, but you’ll feel you’ve had some exercise come the evening. Stay at small hotels with an authentic Cuban feel. Cuba is unique and inspiring; a socialist stronghold, with a rebellious history, colonial splendour in many of the towns, spectacular countryside and a Caribbean heart. Its vibrancy and friendly people ...Read more >
From £1,948 excluding flights

Uruguay self drive vacation

Dwarfed by its neighbours, Brazil and Argentina, little Uruguay is a quiet destination that offers a surprising amount of open space – and one of the best ways to explore this at your own pace is on an Uruguay self drive vacation. The size of England, it has a population of just 3.5 million people, leaving plenty of room for rolling countryside, vineyards, cattle ranches and birdlife – who make their presence more than known each dawn. You’ll relax as soon as you take the ferry out of Buenos Aires to arrive on the other shore – in the UNESCO-rated port town of Colonia. It’s peaceful with Portuguese architecture and tree-shaded boulevards. Pick up your hire car and continue around the ...Read more >
From £2,410 excluding flights

Cuba vacation, tailor made

This 12-day tour unveils the cultural and natural differences between Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean with a Latin American beat setting the scene for an array of authentic experiences that help travelers get the very best out of Cuba on a shoestring. Friendly and welcoming local people make this sort of tour work to great effect; their fascinating history and unrequited passion for traditional dancing and musicality allow travelers to enjoy Cuba on a shoestring, way off the tourist radar. Finding a tailor made tour that offers great value for money as well as sites of interest, and beach time, isn’t as hard as you may first think with the cobbled streets of Havana and the verdant ...Read more >
From £1,250 excluding flights

Mexico vacation, Mexico City and the Yucatán

This Mexico vacation takes you on a tailor made journey to Mexico City and the Yucatán Peninsula. You’ll only be exploring a small corner of the country on this 12 day trip, but you won’t be losing out when it comes to beauty, variety or adventure. You’ll see ancient ruins, elegant colonial towns and get a handle on indigenous life. And then, of course, there’s the gorgeous Caribbean coastline. Your trip kicks off in Mexico City, a chaotic but beguiling city of over 20 million inhabitants. As well as taking in the highlights of this metropolis, you’ll go on two day trips: one to the archaeological site of Teotihuacán, and one to nearby Taxco and Cuernavaca, both elegant towns full of ...Read more >
From £1,940 excluding flights

Arequipa to Machu Picchu Peru tour

Peru is a huge and widely varied country, encompassing three of South America’s most dramatic natural landscapes: the Amazon rainforest, the Andes mountain range and the desert. This three-week, Arequipa to Machu Picchu Peru tour leaves plenty of time to explore each of these incredible ecosystems, whilst discovering Peru’s legendary Inca past. The colonial city of Arequipa, with its pearl-white architecture and flower-filled plazas, gives way to the desolate high plains and an extinct volcano leading up to the Colca Canyon – one of the best places in the world for spotting the magnificent condor. The Peruvian Andes are dotted with tiny Quechua villages where the lifestyle has changed ...Read more >
From £3,368 excluding flights

El Salvador tour, private departure

This private El Salvador tour gives a wonderful and authentic introduction to the cultural and natural diversity of this little country. This 11 day vacation has a well balanced itinerary, with easy outdoor activities and trips by car and boat to some of the memorable highlights. You’ll visit remote rural places, rarely visited by travelers, but experienced and friendly guides and the peacefulness of each location will put you at your ease. El Salvador’s complicated history means that mainstream tourists have stayed away so far, but that is a big part of its charm. The landscape remains unspoilt and travelers here receive a genuinely warm welcome from Salvadorians. El Salvador is small, ...Read more >
From £1,980 excluding flights

Panama highlights vacation

This tailor made vacation introduces you to Panama’s top highlights over an action-packed 10 days. Panama’s strategic position as a bridge between South and Central America means that it has a fascinating past. Indeed, your first thoughts when you hear the country mentioned might focus on the famous canal, or an infamous dictator – not to mention some very famous hats (which actually come from Ecuador)! However, there’s much more to the country than that, and after this trip you’ll return home singing the country’s lesser known charms. The capital city, for example, is a vibrant metropolis with a diverse population and a mix of American, European and Asian influences; and the country’s ...Read more >
From £1,941 excluding flights

Cuba tailor made vacation, nature and culture

This tailor made Cuba vacation itinerary has been carefully crafted by local experts to include a wide array of both cultural and natural heritage. Starting with the unique UNESCO-recognised wonders of Havana, where the vibrant atmosphere is world renowned and where you can hop in a car and go cruising down the Malecón or enjoy a night out at the Buena Vista Social Club. Whichever way you start your trip to Cuba, Havana is always hopping. In contrast, the rural town of Viñales is surrounded by "sugarloaf" limestone mountains, and you can enjoy both the town and countryside with a guided walk around the luscious hills. More rural bliss follows at Las Terrazas in the Sierra del Rosario UNESCO ...Read more >
From £2,310 excluding flights
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