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Sulawesi vacation, 13 days

This thirteen day Undiscovered Sulawesi tour offers an insight into this fascinating island, giving you time to soak up the stunning scenery, dive its beautiful coral reefs, and learn more about its unique culture and traditions. The busy port of Makassar is the gateway to South Sulawesi and the starting point of your journey. After a night exploring the colonial architecture and sampling the local cuisine, travel north into the Maros region where a breath-taking landscape of lush rice fields and towering cliffs quickly replace the (relatively) bright city lights. Prehistoric cave paintings have been discovered amongst the limestone karsts and there will be time to view these. Lake Tempe ...Read more >
From £1,338 excluding flights

Java and Bali vacation in Indonesia

This 14-day tailor-made itinerary journeys to some of Indonesia’s rawest volcanic landscapes and most ancient temples. Along with exploring the stunning natural landscape, you will stroll through Yogyakarta’s historic highlights, hike to see spectacular sunrises and visit the astonishing Borobudur temple complex. Before finishing with some much needed down time on the northern shores of Bali where you can do as little or as much as you wish.Read more >
From £1,605 excluding flights

Southern Laos 11 day tour

Southern Laos is often overlooked by tourists who are keen to tick off Laos’ more well-known northern highlights and cities. However, it’s a diverse and picturesque region, boasting ancient ruins, plunging waterfalls, coffee plantations and sleepy islets that are well worth exploring. Step off the well-trodden trail on our 12-day tailor-made Secrets of Southern Laos vacation. Sample food, culture and local buzz in Vientiane, then head south to find idyllic landscapes, ancient temples, cascading waterfalls and local coffee farms, where you can soak up a slower pace of life.Read more >
From £1,956 excluding flights

Rural Laos tour

Undoubtedly one of the most scenic regions in South-East Asia, northern Laos boasts towering mountain ranges and winding valleys peppered with remote communities where traditions hold strong. On this 13-day tailor-made itinerary you will explore this scenic landscape on foot and by boat, meeting local villagers and learning about rural Laotian life, before immersing yourself in Luang Prabang’s intoxicating confluence of culture.Read more >
From £2,585 excluding flights

Vietnam off the beaten track vacation

Designed to venture off the well-travelled tourist path, our Vietnam trip is ideal for those wanting to discover a side to the country that most visitors haven't even heard about. We’ve thrown in a few key sites such as Hanoi's Temple of Literature and the Paradise Cave for good measure, as let’s face it they’re ‘key’ for a reason, however this isn’t a fly and flop vacation for the masses: it’s about exploring and experiencing local life and for many, the real Vietnam is to be found in the north. An area of outstanding natural beauty where tourism is yet to impact and traditions hold strong, this itinerary follows an incredible route into the more remote mountainous regions of the north ...Read more >
From £1,949 excluding flights

Myanmar 13 day tour, hidden treasures

Our tailor-made 'Hidden Treasures' journey delves into Myanmar’s less-visited regions, exploring newly-accessible areas and supporting inspiring, community-focused projects. Over the course of 13 days, explore hidden gems in Yangon and Nyaung Shwe, then step into remote Kayah and South Rakhine, confident that any money spent during your stay is going directly to local people.Read more >
From £2,565 excluding flights

Laos tour with Hanoi, private departure

This two-week tailor-made Laos and Vietnam itinerary is perfect for true explorers keen to step off the well-trodden tourist route. Until recently, the north-east of Laos was fairly inaccessible for all but the most resilient of travelers due to immigration problems, appalling roads and lack of accommodation. Things are slowly improving and whilst you should still expect a bumpy ride at times, it's well worth the effort. Over the course of 14 days you’ll visit the mysterious Plain of Jars and the Vieng Xai Caves, a virtual city to 23,000 people during the 'Secret War', before crossing the border into northern Vietnam where you will explore the picturesque Mai Chau Valley and spend time ...Read more >
From £2,058 excluding flights

Nepal cultural vacation, 11 days

Nepal is synonymous with mountain trekking and boasts some of the most impressive, challenging hikes in the world, but there’s so much more to this land-locked, Himalayan country then trekking. Our Ancient Cities of Nepal tailor-made vacation focuses on the country’s rich culture and deep-rooted religious heritage. Over the course of eleven days you’ll visit numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, travel to all three former royal cities of the Kathmandu Valley, spend time with a local family for an insight into everyday life, and stay overnight in a monastery. Spectacular scenery will accompany your journey, and you will also have the opportunity to undertake some day treks to experience the ...Read more >
From £1,195 excluding flights

Highlights of Bhutan tour

Exotic, exclusive, and shrouded in mystery, Bhutan is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom in the world. Entering Bhutan from Nepal, this tailor-made itinerary focuses on the west of this small Himalayan kingdom, visiting the capital, Thimphu; the picturesque Punakha valley; and the charming town of Paro. In just over one week you’ll get a real feel for Bhutanese culture and visit western Bhutan’s major dzongs and monasteries - including the iconic Tiger’s Nest.Read more >
From £2,119 excluding flights

Kerala 12 day tailor made tour

Prepare to relax completely, slowing down to the laid back pace of southern India on our Simply Kerala vacation. This well-balanced, leisurely-paced 12-day vacation explores the picturesque southern state of Kerala: from the beach and backwaters, to the tea plantations and hill stations. Admire Cochin, get a taste of rural life at a farm homestay, and spend time aboard a houseboat before hitting the beach to complete your R&R. This itinerary is designed to work straight off the peg, but we'll happily tailor it until it's a perfect fit for you, to ensure we’re making the absolute best of your time and funds. All you need to do is ask...Read more >
From £1,980 excluding flights

Tamil Nadu & Andaman Islands vacation

This 16-day tailor-made itinerary takes you from Tamil Nadu's Coromandel Coast, through ancient towns with colourful and intricately carved temples, via former colonial enclaves, and into scenic rural spots. Taste speciality cuisines, and experience the art, music and traditional crafts of this fascinating region, home to one of the only remaining living classical civilisations. Finish your trip with time to chill on the beach in a true barefoot paradise, Havelock Island.Read more >
From £2,549 excluding flights

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan tour

This three week tailor-made journey travels across the ‘Roof of the World’, exploring the diverse cultures and jaw-dropping scenery of the mystical Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. From the outside, the neighbouring Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan appear to be fairly similar, however dig deep (20-days should do it) and you’ll discover a fascinating region of diverse cultures, distinct traditions and contrasting landscapes. If you have the time, it’s well worth incorporating all three destinations into one memorable trip. Traveling from Nepal to Tibet and onto Bhutan, our tailor-made Journey across the Roof of the World visits the region’s remote mountain ...Read more >
From £5,474 excluding flights

India foothills of Himalayas vacation

This tailor-made India vacation ventures into the far north of India - into the Foothills of the Himalayas. Heading north of Delhi you will discover India’s many spiritual sides: from an aarti ceremony on the River Ganges, considered holy by Hindus; to the new Buddhist heartland in Dharamshala, home to the exiled Dalai Lama; and Sikhism's holiest shrine in Amritsar. Couple this with mountain scenery, a former British hill station, and tea plantations, and this trip offers a varied and fascinating insight.Read more >
From £2,131 excluding flights

Philippines vacation, highlands to islands

The Philippines is best known for its idyllic white-sand beaches, but equally remarkable are its highlands - its world heritage rice terraces and live volcanoes. This 16-day tailor-made itinerary showcases both, taking you from Luzon’s mountainous Cordillera region, past the ancient rice terraces of Banaue and the otherworldly slopes of Taal volcano, to the rolling hills of Busuanga and limestone islands of El Nido.Read more >
From £3,864 excluding flights

Cambodia tailor made vacation, Beyond The Ordinary

You’ll visit plenty of ‘must see’ destinations on this two-week tour of Cambodia, but at heart, this is an itinerary that’s designed to take you well away from the crowds, to distant and fascinating reaches of the country. Learn the story behind the temple of Preah Vihear and the ghost army; why some of the bamboo houses in a minority village are taller than others; what type of bugs are served for dinner in Siem Reap night markets, and how an Englishman called Jack came to be running a sanctuary for retired elephants deep in the Cambodian forest. Of course, the Cambodian genocide still casts a shadow over the country, and this itinerary doesn’t shy away from addressing the causes and ...Read more >
From £2,534 excluding flights

Nusa Tenggara islands tour, Indonesia

Stretching to the east of Bali, the Nusa Tenggara islands are similar, yet quite different from their more well-known neighbour. Focusing on Sumba, Flores and Komodo National Park, this 12-day privately guided, tailor-made itinerary explores the dramatic landscape and cultural traditions of these diverse and fascinating islands. In just under two weeks, you'll island hop in search of the Komodo Dragon, explore Sumba's megalithic tombs, spend time in traditional villages and hike to sacred crater lakes.Read more >
From £2,689 excluding flights

Thailand hilltribes, rainforests and beaches tour

Thailand’s far north is unquestionably the country’s most unspoilt region. This 12 day tailor-made Thailand vacation journeys away from the well-worn tourist trail and deep into this scenically stunning and culturally diverse area. In addition to the well-known northern cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, you’ll stop at the much smaller towns of Fang and Chiang Kham, close to the Myanmar and Laos borders respectively, where foreign visitors are still somewhat of a novelty. You’ll meet remote minority tribes and trek deep into unspoilt national parks; visit ancient temples, get up close to Asian elephants and generally be wowed by the natural beauty of the north.Read more >
From £2,342 excluding flights

South East Asia tour, 38 days

The epic 36-day tailor-made itinerary kicks off in Cambodia at the Angkor Temples – where better to start, than one of the most iconic temple complexes in Asia? Is Angkor more impressive than the temples of Bagan? Later in the trip, as you travel through Myanmar, you’ll have the chance to find out! Other comparisons can be drawn as you visit the contrasting Asian cities of Phnom Penh, Hanoi and Luang Prabang (to name a few), and cruise both the Mekong and the Ayeyarwady Rivers. Away from the rivers and cities, you’ll wonder at the awe-inspiring limestone karsts of Halong Bay and soak up the tranquil beauty of Inle Lake. If this all sounds quite busy, don’t worry, we have included some R&R ...Read more >
From £6,799 excluding flights

Java and Lombok 11 day tour

This leisurely paced, tailor-made vacation showcases the highlights of two of Indonesia's numerous islands: Java & Lombok. Over the course of 11 days visit Yogyakarta’s inspiring temples, graze on Indonesian street food, wonder at the spiritual sunrise over Mount Bromo, and spend a night in the old colonial city of Malang, before flying to the tropical island of Lombok for some dedicated beach bliss.Read more >
From £1,214 excluding flights

Japan 12 day tour, tailor made

This tailor-made Insider's Japan vacation shows you sides of this extraordinary country that visitors don’t normally see. Over the course of 12 days you'll take a behind the scenes tour of a sumo ‘stable’, enjoy a home-cooked lunch with a farming family, explore the unique 'art island' of Naoshima and discover the meaning behind the ritual gestures of the tea ceremony.Read more >
From £2,751 excluding flights
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