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Romania ski touring vacation

The sound of frozen snow under your skis and your harsh breath are the only things that take your attention away from the glorious sunny day. You stop for a while and hold your breath, the scenery is stunning and silence seems to be the queen of the day. In early mornings, if you're lucky enough, you can hear a capercaillie male calling for a female. Even in this frozen landscape, life follows its natural way. Enjoy a vacation of alpine touring ski on the wide plateaus and deep forests of Apuseni Mountains, where animal tracks might be the only signs of movement and life. In the evenings, warm your hands above the fire and your soul over a glass of ‘crampa’ (boiled plum brandy), along with a ...Read more >
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Snowshoeing short break in Romania

The Western Carpathians, Transylvania, Romania, in winter. A land of magic awaiting to be discovered by those fond of hiking in the untouched snow, in the strong, fresh air of the heights. Snowshoe across charming glades and admire impressive panoramas of the Western Carpathians or follow wildlife tracks through centuries old forests. Admire geological wonders of forested karst landscape or explore the marvelous underground world of legendary caves. Enjoy the flavours of local traditional food and listen to local tales told by the fireplace, in a remote hamlet, somewhere in the heart of the mountains. This is more than a vacation. It is a winter adventure that could be the experience of ...Read more >
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Carpathian Mountains snowshoeing vacation, Romania

This snowshoeing vacation in the western Carpathian highlands will take you out into the wilds of Romania as you travel through icy forests, beautiful glades and spectacular karst plateaus. Along the way you will get to discover some of the area’s best geological secrets, including Romania’s largest underground glacier (Scarisoara ice cave) and its deepest karst spring (Tauz). As daylight fades, you will strap the snowshoes back on and make your way over pristine blankets of snow, keeping an eye out for animal tracks, as you travel towards your shelter for the night in one of the mountain’s tucked away villages. Tradition is alive and well here as you will discover staying in traditional ...Read more >
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Romania activity vacation, Western Carpathians

This short – four day – but extremely worthwhile, small group activity vacation in Romania will have travelers: cycling, hiking and caving amongst the beautiful karst landscapes and beech forests of the Western Carpathian Mountains. Clean and fresh mountain air combined with river valleys and flower-filled alpine meadows make this region of Romania incredibly inviting for lovers of the great outdoors with the chance to journey underground, in Meziadului and Crystals caves, a definite highlight for adventurous explorers. Back on the surface you’ll be invited to experience the warmth and hospitality of local Romanians in authentic guesthouse accommodation in the village of Rosia. This ...Read more >
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Romania small group vacation

One of the last authentic rural corners of Europe, the Western Carpathians (a.k.a. Apuseni Mountains meaning “the mountains at the sunset”) are a mountain area in the heart of Transylvania that seems miles away from the modern world. This doesn’t mean that nowadays challenges are not known, here. Despite their efforts (more or less successful) to catch-up with the present times, these mountain people are still strongly connected to the past. They still grow animals for food and use horse-drawn carriages to get around, many household items and tools are still handcrafted by skilled locals and working the land (in the lowlands) or the wood (in the highlands) is, as has always been, one of ...Read more >
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Guided hiking vacation in Romania

The Western Carpathians (a.k.a. the Apuseni Mountains, meaning “the mountains at the sunset”) are a world unto itself, a place where, though it looks like time stood still, people are striving to catch-up with the present. During the trip, your local guide, with long experience and deeply fond of these places and their people, will help you get a better understanding of this world that is transforming under our eyes. You’ll be hiking in the awesome karst landscape of Apuseni Nature Park, right in the heart of these mountains and yet you’ll have time to stop and admire their spectacular gorge and their underground glaciers. While walking from hamlet to hamlet, in the blooming meadows, over ...Read more >
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Romania hiking vacation

Exploring Padis karst (limestone rock) plateau, home to some of the last forested karstic landscapes in Europe is an adventure itself. But behind the route that follows one of the streams that significantly shaped this landscape, there is a story you are invited to be part of. Ponor Glade is a typical and the only polja (karstic glade which hosts both the karstic spring and the drainage holes) in country. Ponor Fortresses is the most impressive karstic complex in Romania formed by three enormous sinkholes (hundreds of meters deep and large) and hosting one of the largest cave entrances in country, a symbol of these mountains. Then some of the wildest and most beautiful gorge in the country, ...Read more >
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Romania cycling vacation

“La belle vie” spills over on this Apuseni Mountains bike tour. The textured landscape of the karstic plateaus of Zece Hotare or Runcuri capture a diversity and charisma that eludes description. Biking in this area is about discovering the slower pace of life, from savoring each flavor you create at our special barbecue evening to chatting with the locals as you bike through the villages. Pedal through quaint villages and picturesque valleys, explore mysterious caves and old traditions, relax in authentic guesthouses and relish delicious local cuisine. This biking trip offers the opportunity to indulge in all things at the perfect pace in the perfect place. Trip’s highlights: - discover ...Read more >
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