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Diwali festival vacation in India

This special small group vacation offers fascinating insights into life in the foothills together with the opportunity to join in with traditional celebrations. Experience the bright colours, music and dancing as the festivals of Diwali is celebrated in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Stay in charming mountain villages, enjoy some wonderful walks and experience the traditional, joyous festival celebrations. Perfect for single travelers or couples who wish to travel in company.Read more >
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Sailung Valley trekking vacation, Nepal

A bucket-list trekking destination for many, Nepal has in recent years seen its most popular routes become overcrowded, and something has been lost. This tailormade trekking vacation out of Kathmandu seeks to recapture that spirit of discovery with a route that takes you on lesser-known trails, through peaceful hill communities where you値l enjoy a genuine welcome in locally owned guesthouses. The Sailung region, northeast of the capital, is framed with majestic Himalayan peaks. The scenery here is, need it be said, dramatic and unfailingly beautiful. And best of all... no crowds. Led by a friendly private guide, you値l walk through open pastures, forests of rhododendron, terraced fields, ...Read more >
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Indian Himalayas trekking vacation

This 17 day trekking vacation in the Indian Himalayas can be tailor made to fit your wishes with the personal recommendations of your local guide enabling a unique and insightful experience between the beautiful landscapes of the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and the Saryu and Pindar valleys. Throughout the tour you値l be invited to experience the warmth and hospitable nature of the local people living within the mountains with village guesthouses and garden bungalows providing an authentic vision of what it痴 like to live and work under the shadow of the Indian Himalayas. After a short transfer from Delhi you値l begin in Binsar where ancient paths lead through pine covered foothills, ...Read more >
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Karnataka vacation in Southern India

Discover the heart of real India, and relax in the warmth of South India, perfect for a winter escape. Explore the ways and culture of Karnataka, and stay in comfortable guesthouses that are owned and run by local communities. Local people benefit directly from your stay, and the welcome given to guests is truly special. These are tailor-made trips, and you have your own local guides who will reveal so much about local life. You begin in the sub-tropical warmth of the Western Ghats to explore a beautiful, little known part of southern India. Visit the majestic temples and palaces at Hampi, then taste life amongst spice plantations from the wonderful 'Spice House' at Hulgol. See the auction ...Read more >
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Binsar to Jageshwar trekking vacation, India

India trekking and walking vacations give you the chance to experience trekking in Himalayas across well-worn pathways leading from one mountain village to the next where locally-owned guesthouses offer hospitality and comfort off the trail. An abundance of wildlife and stunning views make India trekking vacations sheer joy for outdoor walking enthusiasts with opportunities to meet local people equally as beneficial for both parties. As this tailor made two week vacation includes trekking in Himalayas you値l be led by a local guide who offers insightful knowledge both in terms of flora and fauna and as well as plenty of stories about local life. Time spent in mountain villages invites ...Read more >
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