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Rurutu humpback whale swimming vacation in the Pacific

Many of us dream of swimming with whales in their natural habitat, the ocean. To be alongside these immense yet graceful and beautiful creatures as they call to each other underwater and tend their young is an incredible, life-affirming experience. Rurutu, in the Austral Islands of French Polynesia, is one of the best places in the world to do this. The waters here, rich in marine life, are crystal-clear but also far less-busy than those of Tahiti, and they are cold, which whales are known to prefer. On this Rurutu humpback whale swimming vacation, you’ll spend five days with the whales, with a specialist tour operator that ensures the welfare of the whales is a high priority. What that ...Read more >
From US $3,975 excluding flights

Swim with whales in Tonga

Swimming with whales is one of the most exciting, memorable experiences you’ll ever have. And Tonga is one of the best places in the world to do it, with responsible swimming with whales guidelines in place, and a brilliant selection of fun activities to enjoy when you’re not in the water. Nine-day, small group tours run between July and October, which is the best time to swim with whales in Tonga as they arrive to mate and give birth, then nurse and teach their calves before they embark on the long journey back to Antarctica. In keeping with responsible swimming with whales guidelines, you’ll go into the water just four at a time so as not to overwhelm the whales, then snorkel alongside ...Read more >
From AU $5,695 excluding flights

Tonga humpback whale swimming tour

Tonga is not only an absolutely beautiful, remote destination, but it is also one of the best places in the world to swim with the majestic humpback whale. Come and experience the joy of swimming with one of the ocean's greatest creatures. This once in a lifetime trip will leave you wanting more and your lasting memories will be etched in your heart forever. Once you arrive in Tonga, we’ll arrange for a transfer to take you straight to the hotel near the airport for a rest, and then the next day, you will fly over to Ha’apai where all the magic happens and the fun begins. You will spend 7 nights in a beautiful secluded eco resort set on the island of Uoleva, which is considered one of the ...Read more >
From AU $5,445 excluding flights

Whales and wellness vacation, Tonga

Immerse yourself in the enchanting island lifestyle nestled on the picturesque island of Uoleva. This island, renowned for its breathtaking beauty, is situated along the eastern barrier reef of Ha'apai, forming part of the stunning Tongan group. Embark on a blissful island getaway at this secluded Eco Retreat located on the captivating island of Uoleva. Indulge in daily yoga sessions and wellness with an unparalleled connection with nature. Spend five unforgettable days on a boat, forging cherished memories as you swim alongside magnificent humpback whales. Explore the pristine waters by kayak, paddle board, and snorkelling, marvelling at the mesmerising beauty of the reefs. Savour ...Read more >
From AU $5,999 including domestic flights only

Tahiti whale swim & wildlife vacation

Join us for the ultimate Tahitian adventure while we explore the breath taking island of Moorea in style on an elegant 62ft Lagoon Catamaran. Spend your days swimming with the majestic humpback whales, stingrays, black tip sharks and turtles. You will also have the possibility to see dolphins, pilot whales, eagle rays and many other species of Moorea's fascinating marine life. The tour is inclusive of 7 nights aboard the signature luxury 6 double berth Catamaran. All main meals, and of course 5 days out whale watching and swimming on a privately chartered boat. Everything you need is on board including freshly prepared meals, a luxurious deck or platform lounge area to relax on and ...Read more >
From US $5,937 excluding flights

Kangaroo Island dolphin swim and tour, South Australia

Come and join us on the trip of a lifetime in beautiful Kangaroo Island, it is one of the world's great nature-based destinations. Think of an island with 509km of Coastline & 155km from the East Coast to the West Coast. Kangaroo Island covers an area of approx. 4,415 square kilometres. To put it into perspective, Kangaroo Island is seven times the size of Singapore! With native bush land, wildlife, adventure & exploring. Where pristine beaches, local wines & sunsets are on your doorstep. You'll need longer than you think. It takes over 2 hours to get from one side of the island to the other! This tour is jam packed full of many adventures, memorable experiences and tonnes of fun. Our ...Read more >
From AU $5,850 excluding flights

Whales and wildlife tour in Tahiti

Join us for the ultimate Tahitian adventure while we cruise around the absolutely beautiful island of Moorea in style on a brand new 52ft Catamaran and spend our days swimming with the majestic humpback whale. Tahiti is full of the world's most stunning landscapes and the ocean is full of exquisite sea creatures. What better way to enjoy this paradise than to sit onboard the deck of this modern catamaran, cocktail in hand taking in the view. The tour is inclusive of 7 nights aboard an air conditioned brand new Catamaran, all main meals, soft drinks and of course 5 FULL days out whale watching and whale swimming with humpback whales on a privately chartered boat plus there will also be a ...Read more >
From US $5,712 excluding flights

Swim with Dwarf Minke Whales, Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the only place in the world where the curious Dwarf are known to aggregate together predictably for one month out of the year. This is also where we have the very special opportunity to swim with these beautiful whales and tick an amazing wildlife encounter off the bucket list. Dwarf Minke whales grow up to eight metres and weigh several tonnes, they are exceptionally inquisitive and will seek out swimmers and snorkelers sometimes for hours at a time. Most of our encounters with dwarf Minke Whales are in the stunning Ribbon Reefs of the GBR marine park and these encounters can last between 1 min to 11 hours! This adventure will take you on board a luxury ...Read more >
From AU $5,999 excluding flights

Swim with orcas in Norway, Northern Lights

6 night all inclusive tour (6 nights live aboard) - 14 guest maximum - 23rd-29th November 2023 Join us on Ms Stronstad for the trip of a lifetime. Marvel at the magnificent northern lights by night and by day you will have the chance to swim with the majestic orcas and the feeding humpback whales in the Norwegian Fjords. Is this tour suitable for people who just want to watch the whales and not swim? It certainly is! Watching from the surface is just as exhilarating as being in the water with the orcas. You may also witness humpback whales and even fin whales barging in on the orcas. In fact, there have been several observations of orcas herding herring to a tight school towards the ...Read more >
From US $6,550 excluding flights
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